Monday, July 31, 2006

Just some very random thoughts today...

--When I was in Kindergarten, I had a babysitter who lived in a very fancy house. And in the formal dining room, there was a lifesized poster of George Michael. In the FORMAL DINING ROOM.

--I keep reading more articles about Lance coming out, and they always say that Justin, JC and Joey support him, but never mention Chris. Chris was my favorite, I need to hear he supports Lance!.

--Speaking of Chris, he does the voice of Chip Skylark on Fairly Odd Parents.

--Also speaking of George Michael, the man needs to keep his mouse in his pocket, and quit having trysts in public parks for crying out loud!

--Anne Coulter (sp?) said that because Bill Clinton had affairs, he is a latent homosexual. Apparently men who are promiscuous are supressing their homosexuality?? I heard this on Talk Soup, so I don't know the specifics, but I rolled my eyes.

--I get too much of my news from VH1 and E!

--I re-watched Legends of the Fall this weekend. I need to be medicated now, b/c it is so depressing. Anyone thinking of starting a war needs to watch the part where Samuel dies, and maybe then they'll change their minds. I was hysterically sobbing...what an awful, awful scene.

--I feel I should be a part of The World Series of Pop Culture, they are missing out.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Andy Roddick finally updated his blog!

And HE posted about Ken Jennings being a jerk Andy, further proof.


Posting your lovely face again, just because it's moved to the next page and I want it up front and center again.

Friday, July 28, 2006

I want something little and crunchy...

This is what my nearly 3 year old keeps saying to me over and over. He says he is hungry and wants something "little and crunchy". He had dinner with my parents tonight at McD's, he cannot possibly be hungry. I say that, but also know that he can be a bottomless pit sometimes, lol.
So we're hanging out watching Spongebob, he's begging to do, and I'm so exhausted I can't even come up with anything remotely interesting to blog tonight...Oh, wait. Yes I can!!
First I want to clarify from my below post on breastfeeding - I am not saying anything against people who DON'T breastfeed, as X was put on formula at 5 months, and Leyton has had it on occasion when he was at the inlaws, or with my family w/o me there. I was simply ranting against people who think there is something WRONG with breastfeeding. So there's that.
Switching colors b/c the orange was hurting my eyes.
Days of Our Lives, 7/28/06...It's about time Chelsea got knocked on her rear with Max. She's too old to play those little games of hers. When will people on soaps learn you don't hit on another guy to "win" the one you want. It always backfires! Also, glad they are moving this Sami/Carrie/Austin/Lucas thing along. Sure Sami's been trying to tell her secret ALL WEEK at the dinner Austin made her, but she kept getting interrupted. Not her fault, IMO, but they are already having Carrie confess that she made a mistake, etc...when normally that takes like, a year or two, lol. I'll be glad to have this wrapped up. Sami's secret can stay hidden, and Lucas and E.J. can fight over her.
Passions, 7/28/ FUNNY today when Theresa got hit with the baseball. Ok, not funny that she GOT hit, but funny the way it hit her and she fell. I know, I know, I'm terrible! But she's obviously ok since they showed them still playing in the "on the next Passions" segment. Unless they just sort of scooted her to the baseline and kept playing.....LOL. Also funny when T said they'd all be getting a lobster dinner and Siren yelled, "yes!" heehee...but one funny moment from Siren does NOT make this stupid mermaid storyline ok!! Ready for that to be over and done.
Seacrest, out....til Monday probably.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why are people so freaked out about breastfeeding!

People who think breastfeeding has any sort of sexual connotation whatsoever are so sickly ignorant it makes me crazy. It just proves that America is socially, ethically, morally, and wellness deficient. I could just slap some of the people in this article.

I'm particularly disgusted with the woman who didn't want her 13 year old seeing this picture
because breasts are sexual no matter what the context. She is what is wrong with America today!! That is such a wrong message to send. I'm not a nursing Nazi, but I nursed my oldest son, and am currently nursing my youngest. It has so many health benefits, not to mention the bonding and emotional health it promotes.
Research breastfeeding, know the facts, and stop being ignorant. It's embarrassing that anyone feels there is something wrong with breastfeeding. Sick, sick people. AAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG!!!

Tour de France, Landis, and doping

I am sick over the fact that Landis tested positive for illeagal substances (elevated testosterone) in his post race drug test. I'm not going to bash him yet, because he has a second test to go before we should condemn him, but I will say a few things on this topic in general.
Do athletes who dope up actually think they will get away with it? Why risk your reputation? I find it especially irritating when they KNOW what they've done, and they act all shocked that they tested positive, or that they continue to lie about it. Doping not only makes singular athletes look bad, it tarnishes the sport as a whole to some extent. You hear "Tour de France", and from now on you will remember than in 2006 the winner was American and he tested positive in a post race screening. The Tour is a prestigious sporting competition and doesn't deserve to have that connotation.
It just reminds me of the 2005 French Open when Venus Williams lost to this 15 year old, Karantecheva was her name, I think. She tested positive in a drug screen following the match, and then both she and her father came up with all these excuses, even saying that she was PREGNANT, and that is why she failed. Honestly, you don't lie about being pregnant to get out of a doping scandal, particularly when you are 15. I believe she is now undergoing a 3 year ban. So she has a good chance at a career comeback.
So shame on you Landis, if the allegations are true. I'll have a few words to say about that after the final results are given.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Days of our Lives

This show...why am I addicted?
So I think they're bringing back the DiMeara clan. Let's only hope it's someone interesting like Peter and Kristin, and not Tony or Stefano. I like the new life that is being brought to the show a la Steve and Kayla returning, adding Stephanie, and EJ. Bringing back other DiMeara's from long ago or old baddies would be really fun and satisfying to those of us who have watched for years.
I also want to say that I love Martha as Belle now. I really do. I was upset when Kirsten Storms left the show, but I honestly don't think she could carry the current storyline and make it believable. She is so young looking. I think Martha is doing a great job!
I guess I am the only person breathing who likes that Patrick is with Hope sort of. I did like Bo and Hope talking today. It was reminiscent of the classic Bo and Hope stuff. I liked how he said he would love the baby the way his pop loves him. Very sweet. But I like the chemistry between Kristian Alfonso and Brody Hutzler.
As for Passions, I missed it today because my mom was over and we were talking. So I haven't seen too much of Theresa and Jared. I think they will be fun to watch, and I hope I like them together...I"m mostly excited to see her have a love interest b/c it means Ethan will become jealous, and the chances of E and T getting together at last are more attainable.

And he has good taste, wow!

So here is Reichen Lehmkuhl, Lance's boyfriend. You did good Lance, you did good!

Lance Bass is gay

Am I the only one who's a little bit surprised? I mean, Nsync was a very big part of my teen years, I saw them in concert 3 times. I even re-wrote "Just got Paid" and made it, "Lance got laid". I can be very clever and entertaining on occasion, lol. *sigh* I guess it's a good thing he wasn't my favorite Nsync member. Now I won't have a complex.
Ok, so now I pledge my support to Lance forever more. It makes me sad that he had to wait so long to come out, because he was afraid of messing up Nsync. Like plenty of gay guys didn't listen and look? Who are you kidding, Lance? I think you would have been safe!

You're so probably think this post is about you

So I got my first comment on my blog yesterday, and I thought, OOh, how fun. Not so, because whoever this was decided to write something insulting about my white trashiness and I guess, also called me fat. This person said they saw my photo and it apparently indicated both. Hmm...I re-looked at my picture, and all I see is a mom with her two boys at a 1st birthday party. Sure my arms are a little smushed against my sides, and do look a little chubby, but nothing to indicate that I was fat...also, I don't see what looks like white trash, unless it's because there's a tree in the background. Yep, I forgot, if you have a tree anywhere near you, you MUST be white trash. Everyone remember that, just in case you are accidentally by a tree when someone takes your picture.
I was sad at first b/c I thought maybe someone whose blog I had commented on earlier got the idea that I was being mean, but I reread those and you can't even get any wrong idea that I was being mean. I told her she was funny, because she WAS, she made me laugh. Then I figured out who it was. It was Ken Jennings, mad b/c I posted that he was a jerk. Who else would be such a loser as to post a mean comment under an anonymous sign in? If you want to say something about me, do it with your own name, don't be a coward. That just makes it sad and pathetic.
Everyone say, " sad" for the pathetic person, and make a sad face while shaking your head.
Please don't post comments that are outright rude on a page with pictures of my children on it. Who does that?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Meeting Dale Earnhardt, Jr

So I don't consider myself any kind of white trash, just because I watch Nascar and live in Missouri...and just because I'm a fan of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Call that incomplete sentence my disclaimer. I was just sitting here wearing my little shorts with his name scrawled across the ass though, and was thinking how terribly embarrassing it'd be to MEET him while wearing them. Say I was at a hotel, in my DEJ shorts, going out into the hall for some ice or soda or some such. And say he was in said hotel, in same hallway, and I ran into him. What do you say to someone when you're wearing shorts with their name on your ass?? Do you act like you don't know who they are (cause that'd be oh so believable)? Do you just say "Hey", and shake it a little as you walk away? No, I know. You ask him if he'll be yours on the off chance your husband kicks it, and help you pick up the pieces of your shattered life. Him or Andy Roddick. How do you choose? I'll let them duke it out over me...while wearing my shorts and an ARF tshirt, lol.

If there wasn't enough things to hate about Ken Jennings before...

What a JERK. Honestly. You don't go on one of the most popular television game shows of all time, stay on for 70 something consecutive shows, win $2.4 billion, and then TRASH the show and it's host.
If it's so tired and old and you think A.T. is a drone, why go on? Why sign up? Talk about having no respect, or for being grateful. Go back to software, Ken Jennings, and keep your stupid not- knowing -H&R Block- from -FedEx mouth shut!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Hmm...trying to upload a photo...

Here I am with my boys...trying to make this my profile photo..

The direction of your toilet paper and war.

I belong to an online playgroup, and Friday someone posted the question of, "do you put your toilet roll where the paper comes from the top or bottom of the roll". I was so disturbed by this, that I didn't read the replies, simply b/c I didn't want to think less of these women I have been friends with for 4 years. Who spends their time hanging out in the bathroom trying to figure out which is the best way for your toilet paper to fall? What a waste of time! First of all, who cares? Secondly, if you do care, you have issues. Third, who actually goes into someone elses bathroom and looks at how the paper is rolled? If THEY care, they have even more problems than the person who puts it on a certain way. Most of the time I spend in the bathroom involves 80% keeping my kids out of stuff, and 20% me actually USING the toilet, so even if I wanted to, I couldn't really be too particular about my toilet paper.

Ok, and about this war junk, all the middle east conflict. Maybe if THEY spent more time fussing over their t.p., the wouldn't have so much time to start war and bomb people. Isn't war just crazy anyway? Who actually wants to fight? Every country should just keep to themselves for the most part, politically anyway. Of course we need importing and exporting, but why does it cause so much trouble? If one country says to another, "Hey, we hate you b/c {insert reason here} " the other country should just say, "That's your perogative" and they should leave each other alone! If you think about it, starting a war is just very juvenile.

Also, a few months ago, I accidentally forgot to change the channel when the 700 Club came on, and there was this news piece about the leader of Iran, and how he believes some ancient spirit a la Jesus or Mohammed is at the bottom of some well...and by inducing the end of the world, this spirit will be released to lead us (or the followers, rather) to salvation. So that is why he's causing so much trouble. Sounds a lot like Baby Jessica, right? If you think he's down there, just send down some firemen and alert the media! If this was happening in America, we'd have that sucker out by now! No need to start trouble, just haul him up! People stuff prayer requests and stuff down the well cover, and some others use a flashlight to try to see him because they think he's just hanging out down there waiting. Sorry, but I think that's freaking hilarious.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Days of our Lives 7/17/06

Hmmm....I"m so suspicious of EJ. Who is he and what is he up to??
Terrible, but I'm glad Patrick is the father of Hope's baby. I am anxious to see where this storyline is headed. I'm hoping Bo gets a taste of his own medicine...It will probably end up being Bo's baby somewhere along the line, but right now I'm enjoying H and P.
As for the Philip/Belle/Mimi/Shawn mess, who didn't see this coming?? Kyle Brandt is leaving the show, but I hope they don't get rid of the character Philip. They should bring back Jay Kenneth Johnson (who I am somehow connected to via DH's stepdad) to play him and put a little life back into the character. I can't get past remembering Kyle Brandt as he was on the Real World. Mimi needs to be exposed, and then go back to being normal. I don't like her as a schemer. I do have a feeling they'll use this to make Mimi a "bad" character, and I don't want that.
Also glad Stephanie is around to give Chelsea a run for her money. Good shows and stories lately, hooray!!

We had L's party on Saturday, yesterday was his 1st birthday

Oh, my sweet baby boy. He's one and I can't believe it. Here is a pic from the party. I won't elaborate or I'll cry, lol.
Isn't he a precious angel??

Friday, July 14, 2006

Alone tonight...what do I do?

DH is at work, and both kids are at MILs. I'm alone and have no idea what to do with my time. So I made a pitcher of margaritas and put in my Old School DVD. Yes, the truth is out. I love that movie. I think I'll just take any excuse to see both Luke Wilson and Will Farrell at the same time. I love them. Speaking of Luke Wilson, I love love love the movie "The Family Stone". Everyone needs to see that movie, it is so great.
L's birthday party is tomorrow, I can't believe it. He will be one on Monday, it's incredible! I broke down crying about it to DH. He kind of laughed, and I knew he was wondering what took me so long, lol. I'm such a crier!! Wish us luck tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

End of another day. My 3 year old's first trip to the fair

Ok it really freaks me out how he has no fear. He just got on the rides, not even a whimper of nervousness, he just went! Here I was standing on the other side of the gate, freaking out b/c the carnies scare me, and he's just waving and smiling like riding in a ramshackle carnival ride is the norm, LOL. He had a great time. Loved the "ice cone" (X speak for sno cone, lol), which was the one thing he insisted we get. He even won a prize all by himself by throwing darts at balloons. We spent $5 for three throws, and the cheapo plastic sword he won probably cost 35 cents! Oh, well. You pay for the experience I guess!! DH and I throroughly enjoyed our funnel cake, and we discovered our youngest (ack, he turns 1 on Monday!) can successfully drink from a water bottle. Who knew?
Gosh, I could shoot myself for forgetting the camera. I plan to harrass myself about this daily, most likely until next summer, lol. So I won't be posting pics of the occasion, but just picture a sweet smiling blond headed boy having the time of his life.
As I mentioned above, my littlest guy is turning one on Monday the 17th. We're having his party on Saturday. Had a nasty little surprise this afternoon when I went to order the cake...the bakery we always get our cakes from was out of business. What?!? So mad. We live in a very small town, and I like to get my cakes there instead of WalMart. You know, give back to the community and such, but the big store I went. Ordered a cute cake, but not exactly like I wanted. Oh well!! I did splurge on a little felt party hat that said, "My first birthday". Aw, my little L is getting big!
X has a birthday soon too, in about 3 weeks. He wants a Jimmy Neutron party, and the supplies are discontinued. Of course. But thanks to ebay we are prepared. But my shipment is in at the post office, or so they said yesterday when they called, but when DH went today to pick it up they couldn't find it. Excuse me? If they don't find it, I might go postal (ahem) on THEM.

No no naptime

Trying to get my youngest down for a nap by himself is not working this morning, ugh! He is crying and putting up quite a fight. Bedtime is easy, but napping is not! Poor me, I'm nearly falling asleep in front of the screen. Doesn't he understand mommy is tired too??? Time to go check in on him.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ok, here's the Andy pic I was talking about...

Couldn't get it to show up in the actual post, kept saying html errors.

Here goes...

So today my son and I watched a block of Fairly Odd Parents on Nickelodeon. Gotta love Nick, lol. So why is it that evil characters are often named Vicki ? Anyone else notice this? I too have had a bad experience with a Vicki. Anyone else? Post your negative Vicki stories here, lol...Positive ones too just to prove that nice ones exist. (Fairies DO exist!!)
Days of our Lives...Loving Hope with Patrick b/c he's so beautiful. I was a firm believer in Bo and Hope, but let's let Hope live a little with a hot younger guy, ok? Loving Patch and Kayla also...nice to see Stephanie as well. For those of you who don't remember Patch and Kayla, you make me feel old, and I'm only 24. Check out my favorite spoiler site for Days and Passions:
Speaking of Passions, can't wait to see Theresa's new love interest. Ethan is just too clueless, bleh! And can we puh-leeze bring back her IRL husband Justin Hartley as Fox? NuFox is so bad. Sorry NuFox if you read this, LOL!
And let's give it up for Andy Roddick, ok? Poor guy can't catch a break. Let's all send out a little cheer for the REAL A-Rod , and hope his hard court season is great. Also, Andy if you're listenin', if anything ever happens between my wonderful DH, who I love oh so much, will you marry me? I'm just saying...on the off chance???

Seriously, who doesn't want a piece of this? I used to be anti-Andy, b/c every picture I saw, his eyes were all bugging out like he was surprised. It drove me nuts, but I think someone brought that to his attention, cause it's not so bad now.


My kids are in bed and my husband works a bored person needs an outlet. I will probably just ramble on about tennis, Days of our Lives, and daily junk going on around here. Don't we all love taking a dip in someone else's life for awhile?