Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Here goes...

So today my son and I watched a block of Fairly Odd Parents on Nickelodeon. Gotta love Nick, lol. So why is it that evil characters are often named Vicki ? Anyone else notice this? I too have had a bad experience with a Vicki. Anyone else? Post your negative Vicki stories here, lol...Positive ones too just to prove that nice ones exist. (Fairies DO exist!!)
Days of our Lives...Loving Hope with Patrick b/c he's so beautiful. I was a firm believer in Bo and Hope, but let's let Hope live a little with a hot younger guy, ok? Loving Patch and Kayla also...nice to see Stephanie as well. For those of you who don't remember Patch and Kayla, you make me feel old, and I'm only 24. Check out my favorite spoiler site for Days and Passions: http://www.soapoperafan.com/days/.
Speaking of Passions, can't wait to see Theresa's new love interest. Ethan is just too clueless, bleh! And can we puh-leeze bring back her IRL husband Justin Hartley as Fox? NuFox is so bad. Sorry NuFox if you read this, LOL!
And let's give it up for Andy Roddick, ok? Poor guy can't catch a break. Let's all send out a little cheer for the REAL A-Rod , and hope his hard court season is great. Also, Andy if you're listenin', if anything ever happens between my wonderful DH, who I love oh so much, will you marry me? I'm just saying...on the off chance???

Seriously, who doesn't want a piece of this? I used to be anti-Andy, b/c every picture I saw, his eyes were all bugging out like he was surprised. It drove me nuts, but I think someone brought that to his attention, cause it's not so bad now.