Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Days of our Lives

This show...why am I addicted?
So I think they're bringing back the DiMeara clan. Let's only hope it's someone interesting like Peter and Kristin, and not Tony or Stefano. I like the new life that is being brought to the show a la Steve and Kayla returning, adding Stephanie, and EJ. Bringing back other DiMeara's from long ago or old baddies would be really fun and satisfying to those of us who have watched for years.
I also want to say that I love Martha as Belle now. I really do. I was upset when Kirsten Storms left the show, but I honestly don't think she could carry the current storyline and make it believable. She is so young looking. I think Martha is doing a great job!
I guess I am the only person breathing who likes that Patrick is with Hope sort of. I did like Bo and Hope talking today. It was reminiscent of the classic Bo and Hope stuff. I liked how he said he would love the baby the way his pop loves him. Very sweet. But I like the chemistry between Kristian Alfonso and Brody Hutzler.
As for Passions, I missed it today because my mom was over and we were talking. So I haven't seen too much of Theresa and Jared. I think they will be fun to watch, and I hope I like them together...I"m mostly excited to see her have a love interest b/c it means Ethan will become jealous, and the chances of E and T getting together at last are more attainable.