Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Days of our Lives 7/17/06

Hmmm....I"m so suspicious of EJ. Who is he and what is he up to??
Terrible, but I'm glad Patrick is the father of Hope's baby. I am anxious to see where this storyline is headed. I'm hoping Bo gets a taste of his own medicine...It will probably end up being Bo's baby somewhere along the line, but right now I'm enjoying H and P.
As for the Philip/Belle/Mimi/Shawn mess, who didn't see this coming?? Kyle Brandt is leaving the show, but I hope they don't get rid of the character Philip. They should bring back Jay Kenneth Johnson (who I am somehow connected to via DH's stepdad) to play him and put a little life back into the character. I can't get past remembering Kyle Brandt as he was on the Real World. Mimi needs to be exposed, and then go back to being normal. I don't like her as a schemer. I do have a feeling they'll use this to make Mimi a "bad" character, and I don't want that.
Also glad Stephanie is around to give Chelsea a run for her money. Good shows and stories lately, hooray!!