Friday, February 01, 2008

A weekend extra...Yeah, two posts in one day.

I was checking out my blog patrol stats today, and looked at the search words people used to get here. Normally they're dumb or boring. Today, I struck gold.
So here they are, copied and pasted from Blog Patrol.

-- what up bitches (Google)
--"sea of love" phil phillips (Google)
-- blow my nose like a foghorn (Yahoo)
--What kind of make-up does Martha Madison wear (Yahoo)
-- gay mailman pics (Google)
--what's up my bitches cartoon picture (Google)
--wicked messenger bag coach Elphaba (Google)
-- sports romance novels (Google)
--john f. kennedy took take showered showers (Google)
-- wandering mind quotes (Google)
-- blinkies - soaps (Google)
-- green bam universal degreaser discontinued (Google)
--If I made this world a little brighter, then
I did not live in vain (Yahoo)

-- My ex-husband is obsessed with me (Google)
--freaked out by breast feeding (Google)
-- samantha k (Google)
--"The Girl Can't Help It" sample (Google)
-- "it's strange" "see my reflection in the window" song l
yrics (Google)

-- he has a good taste (Google)
-- truckload bedding (Google)
-- prunella jones (Google)
-- barrett-jackson (Google)
-- sports blinkies (Google)
-- Has someone drugged me (Google)
--sport won in the mind (Google)
-- "billie was arrested for" (Google)
-- bobbettes (Google)
--I hate those days (Google)
-- chuck norris blinkie (Google)
-- baby its the freakin weekend i am about to have me some fun (Goog

-- sports blinkie (Google)
-- listen to soaps (Google)
--equivalates (Google)
-- linsey davenport nude (Google)
-- terilyn esse wedding (Google)
-- teenage babysitter, alcoholic mother, mom died as a baby, lives w
ith dad and grandma, football player friend, father works at fact
ory (Google)

-- "how well do you know the birthday" (Google)
-- But it's just another one of those days I can't help but feel
a little upset (Google)

-- mood enhancement at walgreens (Yahoo)
--it's the freekin weekend baby im about to have me some fun (Goo

-- cough hack video (Google)
-- phil phillips "sea of love" (Google)
--chris hansen cock block shirt (Google)
-- "freakishly long lashes" (Google)
-- marilyn cloitre nyc (Google)


What the hell?