Friday, January 25, 2008

Take that, Federer!

I interrupt the incoherent ramblings on this blog to say that Roger Federer was beaten in the semi-finals at the Australian Open.

Novak Djokovic, I was always a casual fan, but you tended to choke at very inopportune moments, making it difficult to root for you. Now I think I believe you can win anytime, anyplace. Good luck in the final!

Ok...back to normal.

Had a nice long post all ready, then deleted it.

I suck.

Oh, and I'll be around on Monday. We've been so busy at work this week (and two of the boss's three children have pneumonia), that she's decided there's no way she can only be open in the afternoons.

I am still job hunting, and praying the job at the high school comes through. They missed two days of school this week (MLK day Monday, then Tuesday for ice), and today is a half day for teacher's meetings, so I won't know until next week.

UPS has a birthday Saturday. He's going fishing. Tonight we're taking his oldest son to basketball practice, tomorrow we take him to his mom's, and then Saturday I hang around his house and wait for him to get back from the lake.
Sounds like he wins and I lose in this situation, but really, I get to watch whatever I want on television while he's gone.

Have a good weekend!
**Monday will probably be the day I post my Answers to Claudia's Questions post. I can work on it Saturday night from UPS's desk.**