Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why are people so freaked out about breastfeeding!

People who think breastfeeding has any sort of sexual connotation whatsoever are so sickly ignorant it makes me crazy. It just proves that America is socially, ethically, morally, and wellness deficient. I could just slap some of the people in this article.

I'm particularly disgusted with the woman who didn't want her 13 year old seeing this picture
because breasts are sexual no matter what the context. She is what is wrong with America today!! That is such a wrong message to send. I'm not a nursing Nazi, but I nursed my oldest son, and am currently nursing my youngest. It has so many health benefits, not to mention the bonding and emotional health it promotes.
Research breastfeeding, know the facts, and stop being ignorant. It's embarrassing that anyone feels there is something wrong with breastfeeding. Sick, sick people. AAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG!!!