Monday, January 21, 2008

Romance novel or reality?

As I sat home enjoying a deliciously decadent (and incredibly rare) paid Friday off from work, watching Sex and the City on dvd, doing laundry and other terribly glamorous things, I hear a knock at my door.

I open it and on my front porch, dressed in brown with a pair of Raybans shading his eyes, was quite possibly the sexiest man I'd ever laid...eyes on. He pulled me savagely to him for a kiss, and then on top of him as we tumbled to the floor.

I was living every at-home woman's fantasy.

Such is the life of a UPS deliveryman's girlfriend, lol.

Saturday we took his son out for his 9th birthday, delivered him to his mother's house, went out for a drink, and hit the bed for the best sex I've ever had in my life.

Sunday we laid around doing n.o.t.h.i.n.g. It was wonderful. Just lounging on the sofa watching the Barrett-Jackson car auction...Until around 3:00 when he decided we needed to do something productive. So this girl stepped waaaayyy out of her box, put on coveralls and trekked into the forest to watch my man chop wood. For real.

Then we came home and made dinner together and watched the Green Bay/Giants game.

Today is an unpleasant return to normalcy. The boys were with their father from Saturday afternoon until this morning.

As for the job, I should know something by Wednesday.

And Claudia has a post coming that's all her own. She asked me some really great questions last week, and earned herself her own post, where I will answer them.
I hope you all had an amazing weekend!