Wednesday, July 12, 2006

End of another day. My 3 year old's first trip to the fair

Ok it really freaks me out how he has no fear. He just got on the rides, not even a whimper of nervousness, he just went! Here I was standing on the other side of the gate, freaking out b/c the carnies scare me, and he's just waving and smiling like riding in a ramshackle carnival ride is the norm, LOL. He had a great time. Loved the "ice cone" (X speak for sno cone, lol), which was the one thing he insisted we get. He even won a prize all by himself by throwing darts at balloons. We spent $5 for three throws, and the cheapo plastic sword he won probably cost 35 cents! Oh, well. You pay for the experience I guess!! DH and I throroughly enjoyed our funnel cake, and we discovered our youngest (ack, he turns 1 on Monday!) can successfully drink from a water bottle. Who knew?
Gosh, I could shoot myself for forgetting the camera. I plan to harrass myself about this daily, most likely until next summer, lol. So I won't be posting pics of the occasion, but just picture a sweet smiling blond headed boy having the time of his life.
As I mentioned above, my littlest guy is turning one on Monday the 17th. We're having his party on Saturday. Had a nasty little surprise this afternoon when I went to order the cake...the bakery we always get our cakes from was out of business. What?!? So mad. We live in a very small town, and I like to get my cakes there instead of WalMart. You know, give back to the community and such, but the big store I went. Ordered a cute cake, but not exactly like I wanted. Oh well!! I did splurge on a little felt party hat that said, "My first birthday". Aw, my little L is getting big!
X has a birthday soon too, in about 3 weeks. He wants a Jimmy Neutron party, and the supplies are discontinued. Of course. But thanks to ebay we are prepared. But my shipment is in at the post office, or so they said yesterday when they called, but when DH went today to pick it up they couldn't find it. Excuse me? If they don't find it, I might go postal (ahem) on THEM.