Monday, July 24, 2006

The direction of your toilet paper and war.

I belong to an online playgroup, and Friday someone posted the question of, "do you put your toilet roll where the paper comes from the top or bottom of the roll". I was so disturbed by this, that I didn't read the replies, simply b/c I didn't want to think less of these women I have been friends with for 4 years. Who spends their time hanging out in the bathroom trying to figure out which is the best way for your toilet paper to fall? What a waste of time! First of all, who cares? Secondly, if you do care, you have issues. Third, who actually goes into someone elses bathroom and looks at how the paper is rolled? If THEY care, they have even more problems than the person who puts it on a certain way. Most of the time I spend in the bathroom involves 80% keeping my kids out of stuff, and 20% me actually USING the toilet, so even if I wanted to, I couldn't really be too particular about my toilet paper.

Ok, and about this war junk, all the middle east conflict. Maybe if THEY spent more time fussing over their t.p., the wouldn't have so much time to start war and bomb people. Isn't war just crazy anyway? Who actually wants to fight? Every country should just keep to themselves for the most part, politically anyway. Of course we need importing and exporting, but why does it cause so much trouble? If one country says to another, "Hey, we hate you b/c {insert reason here} " the other country should just say, "That's your perogative" and they should leave each other alone! If you think about it, starting a war is just very juvenile.

Also, a few months ago, I accidentally forgot to change the channel when the 700 Club came on, and there was this news piece about the leader of Iran, and how he believes some ancient spirit a la Jesus or Mohammed is at the bottom of some well...and by inducing the end of the world, this spirit will be released to lead us (or the followers, rather) to salvation. So that is why he's causing so much trouble. Sounds a lot like Baby Jessica, right? If you think he's down there, just send down some firemen and alert the media! If this was happening in America, we'd have that sucker out by now! No need to start trouble, just haul him up! People stuff prayer requests and stuff down the well cover, and some others use a flashlight to try to see him because they think he's just hanging out down there waiting. Sorry, but I think that's freaking hilarious.