Friday, July 28, 2006

I want something little and crunchy...

This is what my nearly 3 year old keeps saying to me over and over. He says he is hungry and wants something "little and crunchy". He had dinner with my parents tonight at McD's, he cannot possibly be hungry. I say that, but also know that he can be a bottomless pit sometimes, lol.
So we're hanging out watching Spongebob, he's begging to do, and I'm so exhausted I can't even come up with anything remotely interesting to blog tonight...Oh, wait. Yes I can!!
First I want to clarify from my below post on breastfeeding - I am not saying anything against people who DON'T breastfeed, as X was put on formula at 5 months, and Leyton has had it on occasion when he was at the inlaws, or with my family w/o me there. I was simply ranting against people who think there is something WRONG with breastfeeding. So there's that.
Switching colors b/c the orange was hurting my eyes.
Days of Our Lives, 7/28/06...It's about time Chelsea got knocked on her rear with Max. She's too old to play those little games of hers. When will people on soaps learn you don't hit on another guy to "win" the one you want. It always backfires! Also, glad they are moving this Sami/Carrie/Austin/Lucas thing along. Sure Sami's been trying to tell her secret ALL WEEK at the dinner Austin made her, but she kept getting interrupted. Not her fault, IMO, but they are already having Carrie confess that she made a mistake, etc...when normally that takes like, a year or two, lol. I'll be glad to have this wrapped up. Sami's secret can stay hidden, and Lucas and E.J. can fight over her.
Passions, 7/28/ FUNNY today when Theresa got hit with the baseball. Ok, not funny that she GOT hit, but funny the way it hit her and she fell. I know, I know, I'm terrible! But she's obviously ok since they showed them still playing in the "on the next Passions" segment. Unless they just sort of scooted her to the baseline and kept playing.....LOL. Also funny when T said they'd all be getting a lobster dinner and Siren yelled, "yes!" heehee...but one funny moment from Siren does NOT make this stupid mermaid storyline ok!! Ready for that to be over and done.
Seacrest, out....til Monday probably.