Wednesday, July 26, 2006

You're so probably think this post is about you

So I got my first comment on my blog yesterday, and I thought, OOh, how fun. Not so, because whoever this was decided to write something insulting about my white trashiness and I guess, also called me fat. This person said they saw my photo and it apparently indicated both. Hmm...I re-looked at my picture, and all I see is a mom with her two boys at a 1st birthday party. Sure my arms are a little smushed against my sides, and do look a little chubby, but nothing to indicate that I was fat...also, I don't see what looks like white trash, unless it's because there's a tree in the background. Yep, I forgot, if you have a tree anywhere near you, you MUST be white trash. Everyone remember that, just in case you are accidentally by a tree when someone takes your picture.
I was sad at first b/c I thought maybe someone whose blog I had commented on earlier got the idea that I was being mean, but I reread those and you can't even get any wrong idea that I was being mean. I told her she was funny, because she WAS, she made me laugh. Then I figured out who it was. It was Ken Jennings, mad b/c I posted that he was a jerk. Who else would be such a loser as to post a mean comment under an anonymous sign in? If you want to say something about me, do it with your own name, don't be a coward. That just makes it sad and pathetic.
Everyone say, " sad" for the pathetic person, and make a sad face while shaking your head.
Please don't post comments that are outright rude on a page with pictures of my children on it. Who does that?