Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Meeting Dale Earnhardt, Jr

So I don't consider myself any kind of white trash, just because I watch Nascar and live in Missouri...and just because I'm a fan of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Call that incomplete sentence my disclaimer. I was just sitting here wearing my little shorts with his name scrawled across the ass though, and was thinking how terribly embarrassing it'd be to MEET him while wearing them. Say I was at a hotel, in my DEJ shorts, going out into the hall for some ice or soda or some such. And say he was in said hotel, in same hallway, and I ran into him. What do you say to someone when you're wearing shorts with their name on your ass?? Do you act like you don't know who they are (cause that'd be oh so believable)? Do you just say "Hey", and shake it a little as you walk away? No, I know. You ask him if he'll be yours on the off chance your husband kicks it, and help you pick up the pieces of your shattered life. Him or Andy Roddick. How do you choose? I'll let them duke it out over me...while wearing my shorts and an ARF tshirt, lol.