Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This just might be my week!

I have an interview for the job at the school Thursday at 1:00.
Remember, this is the fancy job with things like insurance, dental coverage, and retirement.

I will also be in the same building as my little brother. How fun, being around to watch out for him during his high school years...

UPS and I are attending a wedding together in two weeks. I have never been anyone's date to a wedding. I've either been in the thing, or I"ve gone with friends...or my mom.
I could be normal and say, "hey, I'm going to a wedding for a person I have never before laid eyes on!"

Or I could be a psychotic overthinking girl and say "Hey, I'm going to read way too much into this and imagine that he's testing me to see how I respond to all the lovey-dovey, frosting covered schmaltz...and party mints. If I respond in a positive manner, perhaps I'll be getting some frosting covered schmaltz of my own soon!"

Except I don't want frosting covered schmaltz. Or party mints (even though they are quite delicious.)
I have had a wedding.
When we get married, I think it will be the day I wake up and say, "Ok, let's do this thing!" And we will march to the courthouse.
Or, really, if I had my way, we'd just go file for the marriage license so that it'd show up in the paper, and then tell people we eloped.

Yes, lie.

So that's my immoral admission today. I would lie about being married.

There are worse things I could do...