Monday, January 28, 2008

Claudia's Questions - Answered! But first, Weekend Update...

UPS had a nice birthday. We didn't get to do anything special, really, but we just kind of hung out together. Very nice.
Saturday night he went gigging (basically this involves impaling fish.) with his friends and I hung out on his couch in front of his tv, lol. I baked and decorated a cake for him, complete with 39 candles (yes, we lit them all, and I made him blow them out...he did it in one try and nothing caught on fire, lol).
Because I am in 'job loss' mode, he got a card. But it was a sweet card with a lovely handwritten note inside.

And now for the headline story....


So a week or so ago, I told you to ask me anything. Anything at all, and I would answer. You guys took me seriously, and I think I delivered in fine form. Claudia had some great questions for me, and I decided to put them all together into a post of their own.

I didn't see the question thing. Shit! I have lots and lots of nosey questions. Here I go:

1. Why are you underemployed?
2. What will it take for you to say "I quit"? (Your car was broken into, you have a stalker, I mean really....)
3. What's your dream job? If the clothing thing is it, why has it taken so long?
4. What are you passionate about in your life?
5. What do you want to create in your life? (A spin on "what are you doing with your life?")
6. How old are your boys?

Ok, so those are what I'm up against. Here I go...
Why am I underemployed? I assume the real question here is, "Why are you working retail management with no benefits and crappy pay?"
Because my husband left me with nothing, this job became available, and I fell in love with it. Not the job, necessarily, but the business. I LOVE IT. We sell award winning, heirloom quality toys, books, and games; educational decoratives and resource material for classrooms (preschool through grade 12); we host/plan birthday parties; hold playgroups; teach early childhood enrichment classes; provide homeschoolers with curriculum and general info, etc...
We are a wonderful business, but a slow business. The owner is a great friend of mine, but she doesn't advertise. Money is an issue.
I love this job because it allows me to be creative. I love marketing, I love promoting, I love dealing with people. Making sales calls is my favorite thing. I like selling. I'm good at it. I'm very persuasive, lol.

What will it take for me to say I quit? Well, hmmm...Getting the job at the high school, or winning the lottery. (This was asked before I knew this job was being eliminated...eventually. I'll be at work all week.)

Dream job? My dream job is to be the owner of the New York Yankees. When I was 14 I became convinced that I would win them from George Steinbrenner in a game of high-stakes poker.

I'm still waiting.

You probably want me to be serious, sorry.
I could channel Renee Zellweger from the movie Empire Records and say, "I wanna sing in a band, but I don't have the guts to even audition."
But that wouldn't be serious either.
There isn't one "dream job" out there for me. I can love anything, really. I'd like to work in the theatre business, I'd like to own a restaurant, I'd like to own a book/record store, I'd like to work on a political campaign, lead trail rides, be Snow White at Disney get the idea.

What am I passionate about?
My big thing right now is making sure others are really living, you know? Not holding themselves back from going for the goal...I guess I am passionate about others embracing their own passion? LOL, well, I know what I mean even if you guys don't think it makes sense. I tend to be everyone's personal cheerleader.

What do I want to create in my life?
Peace. Happiness. Love. Joy.

How old are my boys?
X is 4(8/8/03) and L is 2(7/17/05).

I'm not sure than I answered any of these in the manner she wanted, but I'm in one of those happy, flighty moods that take me over every 72 years or so...kind of like a comet.

Maybe these questions were really just one question spread out a little. Maybe she was asking, "Who are you?"

I'm a daughter, a mother, a girlfriend, an ex-wife, a sister, a friend, a woman. I'm a small-town girl with a big city mindset who no longer thinks the concrete is grayer on the other side. I like my small town sidewalk cracks just fine.
I am up, down, in, out, black, white, and red all over.
I'm irrational but sometimes way too practical. I like to hurry up go, and then take it slow. I love art, film, theatre, and classic country music. I don't like sell outs, but I love cable television.
I have developed a new way of thinking. One day at a time. One of my favorite Bible verses (yes, I'm going there) is in Matthew chapter six. Translated into SamanthaSpeak it says: Don't worry about tomorrow, today has enough going on. This little verse makes all the difference to me. If I spend all day worrying that tomorrow might bring hardship, I've totally lost today. Lost it. 24 hours, gone, caput, bye bye, seeyalater.

So who am I? I dunno. Can you define a life?
Claudia, thanks for the post inspiration, even if my answers sounded like a Britney Spears soundbite from or something.

Oh the places I have been, oh the places I will go...Won't you join me?