Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Yesterday was certainly a whirlwind.
Next Friday is my last day of having a job.

Yep, I'll be unemployed.


I get the job as the secretary to the IT department at the high school. I have a meeting with the man for whom I'd be working tomorrow afternoon.

Hey, and UPS is the delivery driver for the high school, so I won't miss out on seeing him every day. And he can even have lunch with me, because with the new job, I'd actually get a lunch break. Imagine that!

Yesterday was basically spent freaking out and calling everyone in the world that I know trying to find a lead on a job ASAP. The owner of my store has decided to drop inventory and only be open from 3pm to 6pm, and all day Saturdays. Well, I certainly can't afford to live on those hours. We're pushing the limit with my full time pay.

Please say a prayer to Tom Cruise, God, or Oprah that I get this job. I won't know for certain until next week.
But you really hope I get it, or you'll be out a blog to read for a few months. I won't have the internet and a computer at home until the summer.

Before you ask me why I have to be a slave to "the man" and get a day job when I should be out persuing my interests...Listen, I've got two small children to take care of. They come first. They need food and a home and a mom. If it were only me, maybe I'd pick up and move to wherever, and do whatever.

Reality and fantasy don't blur in my world. They each have their own place, and I have to be fully invested in reality right now.

Either that or I become a hooker.

Which may have to be an option should the IT position fall through, lol.

Maybe they have red lightbulbs on sale at Walmart this week...