Monday, January 07, 2008

Britney did something crazy

Yeah, sorry. Hard up for a subject line, so I thought I'd just steal one from the mainstream media...

I just thought I'd let you know that you are talking to (or reading the words of) a whole new person. Well, not new. How about a rejuvenated, "back to herself" type person.

The weekend didn't start out all that great. My mom picked up my boys Friday night because she knew I was feeling a little down and out, which was nice. So I called UPS and we went out with one of his friends. Well, the friend turns out to be a little touchy feely after a few beers and while dancing he began to um...make UPS a little upset? Not a great way to end our evening out, but when we got home it was worth it. I think I like UPS a little bit jealous, lol.

Saturday R called and wanted to come over. I told him no! Good for me, right? Yes. But then I started feeling a little wistful and mopey.

Sunday however, was a brand new day. I don't know what happened. It started out fairly normal: church, lunch out with my ex-mother-in-law (it's a Sunday tradition), and home to clean up the house...Later that night I was sitting around and it was like a cool breeze washed over me on a hot day (like the visual? Yeah, I'm creative). I was just like, ok all of a sudden. I was just happy and positive and ready to take on the world.

I woke up this morning and thought, "Ok, what can I do to make the world a little brighter today?"

Plus, it's like 65 degrees outside, so I'm sure that is helping.

So here I go, off to start my day. Inventory to do, customers to smile at.

Have a great Monday!