Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I really think someone drugged me on Sunday

And it's a high powered drug, because I'm still running full tilt on enthusiasm. I mean, I have always been a positive person. The glass has always been half full, even if it was half full of liquid with mold coating the top.

But this is bordering on ridiculous.

I think today it's because of the New Hampshire primary. How fun is this? No matter how you slice it, there's either going to be a chick or a black guy on the democratic ticket come November. That is thrilling! Even more thrilling is the fact that either one of them would do a great job in creating change. I'm sure everyone here knows I'm a hardcore Clinton supporter, but I do love me some Obama (even though a small part of me feels he could be the Antichrist...It's a conspiracy theory I've been working on, perhaps I'll share it one day) He's very charismatic, but also very young and inexperienced. They said that about JFK too, I'm sure.

But in a bar fight? My money's on the lady.

And as for the GOP, Way to go Mr. McCain. He's a spry one, and I like that. Mitt Romney could drown in boiling oil and I wouldn't care, but I'd jump in and pull John out. He's a nice guy, I can tell. I'll bet he gets in the floor and plays with his grandchildren.

Anywho, enough about that. I promise not to get too politically charged around here. I like to fight about this stuff, it gets my blood flowing, but I'll keep it outta here for the most part.

The only bad thing happening right now is my ass of an ex husband who hasn't seen (or contacted) his children since Christmas. So if I'm carted off to the clink for committing murder, you know why.

Updated @ 12:52 - One more bad thing. Apparently my car break-in on Monday wasn't just a lipstick swipe. My debit MasterCard is now missing. It's what the state puts my child support payments on. So now I'm off to call it in. But I'm sure someone enjoyed their meal ticket for a few days, and I'm out the cash. Great.

But damn it, I'm still smiling!