Monday, January 14, 2008

Good Monday!

I hope you all had a sparkling and spectacular weekend.

Mine was...interesting.

Saturday I decided to pull out all the stops for UPS, as he was having a bad day on Friday.
I made him dinner, set the mood with new table linens, new place settings, candles, the whole nine yards. After dinner I popped in a cd of my Thursday Thirteen from last week...the variations in the music certainly made things exciting, lol. I had bought big fancy fluffy towels, more candles and bubble bath and that was a good time too...

Then we melted lead to make fishing jigs. Seriously. That is how I spent the rest of my evening. I could not even make up a story that good.
We ended the night watching Three's Company reruns and falling asleep with the television on.
Sunday morning he got up to go rabbit hunting (what did those bunnies ever do to him?) and I went back to bed for a while, cleaned up our coffee cup mess, and went home.

I am staggered by how different this relationship is from any other prior to it. Fishing jigs? Rabbit hunting? I'm more of a "let's go to the theatre!", "let's redecorate the entire house!" kind of girl. But I'm getting used to it, and it's actually kind of fun. More and more I'm getting anxious for a summer filled with days on the lake, and going home where my man will then cook what he has caught. There's something very rustic and romantic about the whole thing. I can do this.

However, I draw the line at baiting my own hook.