Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Ask and You Shall Receive

Last week I asked for question requests and it took a little prodding, but I got enough to fill out my thirteen. So, this week I'm answering commentor's questions.
(I'm not answering them in any particular order, I just cut and pasted them into the post, lol)

So it's not very organized. Forgive me. I meant to link everyone who asked a question, but didn't get around to it. I'll do something special for all of you soon!

Thursday Thirteen: Ask And You Shall Receive.

1) I think this may be my favorite, Malcolm asked: If Hollywood made the Samantha_K story, who would play:

Me : Ava Gardner. We look alike, yeah? Right, like in my dreams! Photobucket

UPS (my boyfriend for those out of the loop) : James Denton. He has that ruggedly handsome thing going for him like UPS does. During the week, UPS isn't allowed to have facial hair b/c of his job. But last October he was on vacation for a week and he grew a goatee...Holy shit. I almost did him right in the middle of the floor at work.

R (an old flame): Billy Crudup. Because he has the sweet-looking clean shaven face, and he can pull off the rocker look (a la Almost Famous). That's how R is.
Photobucket Photobucket

Ex Husband: This random guy. This is one of the pictures that popped up when I typed 'metrosexual' into Google image search. Photobucket

Ex-Mother-in-Law: Paula Deen.

2)From Jay:

Here's my question: What illegal activity would you do if you knew that you absolutely would get away with it?

Hmm...Make counterfeit money? I don't really have the urge to do anything illeagal...I mean, I was a little bit tempted to say "murder someone", but if I wasn't attempting to save someone's life, I don't think I could ever take another.

What is the craziest or strangest place you ever .. uh you know .. got it on?

This one is easy, lol. In college I was dating this ridiculously hot basketball player, B. We were out one night,it was early, only about 9pm or so, and we were at the park just kind of talking and all of the sudden we were going at it on top of a picnic table directly under a street lamp. Cars were driving by literally 15 feet away. I had three different people call me and say, "Hey, SK, saw your car at the park last night, heheheheh."

The personal question for you? Well OK...since you brought up the subject...What is your favorite style in the bedroom...slow and passionate? or Fast and Hard? And of course you gotta give us the Why....

This one is situational. It really depends on my mood, or how the whole thing starts in the first place. If we're out somewhere and I suddenly pull him into the bathroom with me, there isn't going to be a lot of "slow and passionate" going on. It's going to be fast, hard, and thrilling. But if we're at home, and the heat has been building, it's more likely to be a slower, take your time sort of thing.
Both are equally wonderful.

Who's the one man whose balls you want to kick through his skull?

Well, you said I couldn't say George W., which rules out the top spot...Hmmm...I don't really have a lot of rage directed at the males of the species. Out of fun I'll say Roger Federer, so that someone else can win a tennis tournament once in a while. Like say, Andy Roddick.

Woozie also asks what I wear to bed at night.
I'm sure you're all disappointed to hear I don't sleep nude. Difficult when you have two small children. Generally a pair of painfully cute pajama pants and a strappy tank top. Very un-glam, I know.

What is it that you plan to do with your next 25 years?

Be happy and content with my life. Do more for others, try new things, make every day count...I didn't realize how controlling my exhusband was, I didn't realize how much I was really missing out on. In the next 25 years I just want to get 'me' back. I'm partially there, but I have a lot left to go.

Question-What are you wearing? ;)

I'm dressed for work. Jeans,heels, a cute sweater. Bo-ring.

Have you ever gotten down and dirty with a woman?

During a game of spin-the-bottle in high school, there was a kiss that went on a little longer than normal, but otherwise, no. I hate to disappoint you, but as of yet, there has been no kinky goings-on between me and another chick.

Also, do you sing in the shower?

Not in the shower. Showers are precious time away from the children. I get to be in it for approximately three minutes before jumping out in time to save someone from doing a one and a half gainer off the dining room table.
But I sing around the house all the time.

7.Karen -
What activites did you do in high school? (Were you a cheerleader? Did you play a sport? Drama club? Young Republicans?)

Well, I certainly wasn't a young republican, lol.

In high school I was the editor of the school newspaper, I worked as stage manager for several productions, I took AP English classes for fun, I was on the Homecoming court my senior year (I lost queen by three votes. I'm still bitter. Gimme that damned tiara already!), I dated a crazy guy...
High school was fun for me. I liked being involved, and it won me a Leadership Scholarship for college, so it wasn't in vain.

8.REH -

What, in a man, turns you on?
If a man can make me laugh, he's golden. If he can also have a serious discussion, even better. I have to be intellectually stimulated. I have dated all types: Rockers, athletes, overweight, underweight, not-so-great-looking, and supermodelish...All of them have been able to charm me with intellect. I'm also a sucker for a musician or someone who loves film as much as I do.


What, in a woman, turns you on? (If anything)

Of course women are turned on by women! It doesn't have to be a sexual thing.
For me, it's confidence. Confidence and warmth. Most of my close friends are male. I don't do the female bonding thing well. I like a woman who won't accuse me of trying to steal her boyfriend or who doesn't expect me to spend every waking second of my life trying to fix her problems for her.

My two best girlfriends are they type that even if we didn't speak for a year, we could meet for lunch and it would be like nothing has changed. If I ever have a crisis, they are there for me and vice versa. But there is no clingy dependency.
That is a huge turn on.

9.Joshua -

How do you like your eggs?
Scrambled, over-easy, benedict or omeletized. Eggs are yummy!

Who is your fav. person on the Simpsons?

Smithers. I love him. I love him so, so much. A second is Mr. Burns. He's deliciously creepy.

why did you start blogging?

I originally started blogging b/c my exhusband was working a second job at night, and didn't get home until 2am-ish. My kids were in bed by nine, so it was just me, the laptop, and late night television. I was feeling a little trapped and out of touch with the world, and this let me connect with people.

10.Prunella Jones said...
What is your favorite cheese?

Well, Pru, it's like this:

Pepper Jack. I will eat it on anything, anytime, anyplace. It is the best.thing.ever.

Let's see... getting personal....

How do you feel about up the butt?

Hey, you said to ask! lol

I had to save this gem for last. I have indeed, been there, done that. At least partially. It wasn't terrible, I can maybe see the appeal...but it's really just this whole terrifying ordeal, lol. I guess I belong in the "just a little, but no more" camp.
I have a little advice I like to pass along to my fellow females about this subject. If your man keeps pressing you, and you just don't want to do it, politely suggest that he find himself a boyfriend. He will probably shut up.


So there you go. Eleven people asking a few more than 13 questions, so I feel it evens out.