Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen : Pulling it out of...somewhere


I normally put a lot of effort into my lists, but this week...well, I still love you. I really do. It's just been a long week, ok? OK? Stop pressuring me already!!!!

Ok. Sorry. I've taken a deep breath and am ready to begin...

Thirteen nothings. Just random stuff taken out of my head today.

1) Isn't it funny how in the song "Crazy" by Aerosmith, there's a line that says, "I feel like the color blue"...and then a few years afterward they made a song called "Pink"??

2)Sometimes I get really awful gifts for the holidays. And it never fails that after receiving one of those awful gifts, someone will say, "Oh SK, I saw it and thought of you!"

Really? What did I do to piss you off so badly? It must have been really terrible if you thought of me while looking at that.

3)I often have the urge to kick Matt Lauer in the face. Hard.

4)I got an email from Hillary Clinton wishing me Merry Christmas. She thanked me for my friendship and support. Awesome. So now that we're such good friends Mrs. Clinton, can I borrow some cash??

5)Explanation for having been engaged three times (so that I do not look like some kind of ring whore): Time #1 - Fiance got another girl pregnant. I do hope you think that's an ok reason to not go through with
Time#2 and Time#3 kind of coincide - Was briefly engaged to Drummer-in-a-rock-band-Richard but chose the ExHusband instead...because he seemed like the safer choice. Fat lot I knew, eh?
See? Not so scandalous after all.

6)I am unable to blow my nose in a quiet and ladylike manner. It is unsexy and slightly embarassing, but I sound a little bit like a foghorn.

7)Every now and then, I want to just run through my store and knock everything off the shelves. Because I'm sick to death of looking at the same crap day after day after day get the picture.

8)I'm terrified of the day I think it's ok to wear a holiday sweater involving sewn on snowmen and/or sequins. Or black Reebok walking shoes.

9)My 2 year old told me he wants to drive a "P.O.S. truck, just like Lee!"
I told UPS that and he laughed so hard.

10)Next week I get to book the cabin for the trip UPS and I are taking in February. Woo Hoo!!

11)Oh, no. Oh, no....I'm running out of clever things to say and I'm two away from thirteen. *Panic setting in*

12)So...Airline food...What is up with that?

13)I won! I reached the finish line! Ha! And all of you thought I couldn't do it. Never underestimate the power of procrastination. We're professionals at getting it done at the last minute.

Happy Thursday!