Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ok, so now what?

Christmas is over.

What a letdown.

Everything went fairly well, actually. No fights broke out or anything, which is good I suppose. Lacking in entertainment value, but good all the same.

I did get a ring from UPS, but not the engagement type. It's a big, fat one carat amethyst set in white gold though. And it only fits my left hand, so he said we should take that as a sign, lol.

Oh, I did have one major "angry moment" this weekend...I was out picking up a few last minute batteries on Christmas Eve afternoon, and I ran into ex-FIL's girlfriend. She was buying some presents for my boys to put their dad's name on...Because he didn't buy his own children anything. He told me he had got their stuff two months ago, turns out he didn't get them anything.

But he did buy his friends some stuff. Because friends are more important than your own children you know. I mean, I suppose that's the lesson he wants me to learn from this...

I wish he would catch on fire.

Otherwise, things were lovely.

Hope you all had a great holiday.