Monday, December 17, 2007

Wicked Awesome

(imagine that in a Boston accent, of course.)

Soooooooooo....I'm back, but just barely. Seeing as how I NEARLY DIED on the road in St. Louis this weekend.

Here's the weekend rundown...

Friday, X's program went fabulously. He remembered his lines and sang and threw himself at Santa (while screaming, Saaannnttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I don't know why. We don't really do the Santa thing at home, but he seems to be a pretty hardcore believer this year.)
I went to stay with UPS that night...we had a lovely time, thanks for asking.

Saturday the fun really got started. They picked me up an hour and a half late (didn't I tell you 9am meant 10:30? I was right on the nose!)
We were having a great time, the four of us. Until about halfway there when the rain turned to sleet...3/4 of the way there, it was sleet and giant blowing snowflakes. We were slightly less happy, and more like, oh, I don't know...praying a lot. I-44 was a literal nightmare. People driving like idiots, people driving without their lights on, etc...

By the time we got to E2's aunt's house and dropped our stuff off, it had slowed down, and we were able to hit the malls and do a little shopping. We had dinner at a really nice Italian place and an hour later J and I were fighting over who got to throw up first in the Old Navy parking lot. Not a great experience. And no, we were not drunk. At least I wasn't. I didn't have a drop of alcohol all weekend, thankyouverymuch.
We go back to the house and get dressed for the show, and by this time the snow has picked up again, you can't see the roads (or across the street for that matter), so we leave an hour and a half early for the theater. Good thing we did too.

The musical was absolutely amazing. The girl who played Elphaba (The Wicked Witch of the West, for the uninitiated) brought the house down. After her first solo song, people were literally staring with jaws dropped and eyes popped. She was incredible. I had tears in my eyes, it's really indescribable how good she was. The girl who played Glinda was great too. Very Mary Katherine Gallagher-esque choreography on occasion.

We left the theater at 11pm to my version of hell. The police were directing traffic, the roads were solid sheets of ice and snow (no blacktop showing through, no lines showing, nothing. Solid sheets.), only two cars at a time could make it through the green light at the corner. The 15 minute drive back to the house took us an hour and 15 minutes. We were on I-55, and once again, you couldn't see the roads at all. No one was driving in a lane, because there were no lanes, lol. We just kind of stuck to the middle, so if we were to slide off, it'd take us a while to get there, LOL! Cars were all in the ditch, overturned in the median...And the best part, when we got back to South County, we saw a police officer stop at a donut shop (cliche come to life!) and another police officer parked under a bridge PLAYING SOLITAIRE ON HIS LAPTOP. I am not even kidding. We were stopped at a red light right beside him, and could see in through his car windows. I felt very served and protected at that moment, let me tell you.

Sunday was more shopping and the trip home, which was much more relaxing for everyone. The roads were cleared by that time, so we could enjoy each other's company. It was a fun trip, not a homerun or anything, but a solid stand-up double. Clarifying, the show was a homerun, just not the overall trip.

I didn't take a single picture. That is why I don't make promises, I always break them. But I'll have something photographic to post this week to make up for it. I never did post any from Halloween...

I hope you all had a great weekend, and hopefully I'll be back to normal tomorrow. I'm exhausted!