Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Several mood enhancers and a trip to Walgreens later...

I was in a bad mood yesterday, wasn't I?
Today should be better. So far, the only bad thing to happen is the losers at Sonic forgot to put picante sauce in my bag, so I had to dip my tater tots in regular ketchup. Ew.

About a month ago, our town got a Walgreens. Very exciting stuff. Today was my first trip in. Around here, you have to wait about a month to go someplace new. I haven't been to the Colton's Steakhouse yet, b/c it's packed every night, and God help us when Ruby Tuesday opens this summer. Anyway, I needed laundry detergent, and didn't want to go to the 'Mart.

I thought Walgreens was supposed to be a nice store. Ours is pretty ghettofied for only having been open a month. Have you ever seen the movie "The Good Girl" with Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllenhaal(or however the heck you spell it)? It's kind of like the store they work at. Very depressing. The people behind the counters look tired and lost, like they were very high or attempting to manage a hangover. Slumped shoulders, eyes glazed over and staring into space, twirling hair around fingers, chewing gum with mouths wide open...

The commercials on television make Walgreens look like a magical place where everything is glittering and lovely. False advertising. I expected the workers to be bright-eyed, with sparkles on their cheeks and a song in their heart...much like the elves in The Santa Clause. Ah, well. Disappointment is a part of life I guess, lol.

As you may remember, I work two doors down from a pawn shop. All the time there are men (and a few women) walking down the street carrying guns, or on occasion, chainsaws. I thought I was going to witness a homicide this morning. A man came out of the pawn shop yelling and storming around, then slammed back inside. Soon, a police car drove up in front, and the man came back out with a rifle, still yelling, stomping, etc...He was literally waving the rifle around like a crazy person.

I was nervous b/c the cop is the really cute one who calls me Miz K (we met during an incident with the ex last summer, and he always says hello when he sees me. Anyone want a 20something cop for a boyfriend? He's a very nice guy.)

Hottie Police Officer said something to him , Captain Angry calmed down, got in his truck and started to drive off...but not before screaming, "I'm leaving now, OK???" at the top of his lungs. Welcome to Redneckville. HPO then came into the store to say hi. I told him I was glad he didn't get his head blown off, and he just laughed. Apparently this guy is one of his "regulars". He takes stuff to the pawn shop all of the time, and about every other trip in, he thinks they are trying to rip him off, and he loses it. I could never date a cop. I would be worried sick all of the time. I have a very close friend who is a sherrif's deputy, and I worry about
him like crazy (he's already been in one high speed chase where he hit a tree and nearly died.)

UPS has a pretty safe job, for which I'm thankful. Unless a large pile of boxes falls on his head, I think he'll be ok.