Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Haute Pockets and the Date From Hell

I have this little sandwich maker thing that I LOVE. Love and adore, actually.
Person 1 - "So what are you having for dinner tonight, a roast beef sandwich?"
Me - "No, I'm having bread stuffed with hot melty roast beef and pepper jack cheese."

It's not 'just a sandwich'. It's like, sandwich couture.

Yeah, that was random, sorry. I'm hungry.

So yesterday Cece had a post about a hair dying experience that went...awry. It reminded me of a hair embarrassment I had on a first date once. The first date was terrible, and I thought I'd share it with you.
When I was in the 6th grade, I had a humongous crush on this guy, N, who was an 8th grader. Actually, it was borderline obsession. We had become casually acquainted in some way, and I just thought he was a God. I even remember what he signed in my yearbook that year...But I digress. Fast forward to the summer after my senior year of high school. My best friend is dating his best friend. Well. How about that. He asks them to set us up and I just about died. I was so excited. It was fate, right, that 6 years later he decides he wants to date me?
So it's date day. I want to look super hot of course, so I decided to touch up my hair color. First bad move : Do not try a new hair color the day of a big date. I think it was called Ruby Sunset or something...Anyway, when I finished and dried it and styled it, it looked pretty good. In the sunlight it was more like a flaming beacon. In his was the same color as his interior. Well, we had a little laugh about that, but no big deal. Our first stop on our double date was to play laser tag. This was not something my friend and I would have picked, but the boys chose the first activity. Whatever. While we were laser tagging, some little kid jumped out in front of my friend, she tripped, hit the wall with her face and her nose began to bleed like crazy. Well, that ended the tag.
After 20 minutes in the bathroom she was repaired and we headed to the movies.
The movie was nice and there was the cute little first date hand holding thing going on...Afterward, in the parking lot we were standing around trying to decide where to have dinner. For some reason, N climbed up and was standing in the back of his friend's truck. He was just standing there while we were all talking...then the friend, C, goes and gets in, starts it up and says, "Come on guys, I'm hungry let's figure this out!" N turns around with his back to the tailgate to face C, makes some snarky comment and C puts the truck in gear and hits the gas really quickly. N falls backward out of the truck and smacks his head on the asphalt parking lot.
Imagine three people screaming, "Oh shit!" In unison. I run over to N, and I'm talking to him, trying to keep him awake and he slowly sits up and then lays back down with his head in my lap, bleeding all over me. I'm telling him to lay still, we need to take him to the ER and get him checked out, when he stands up really fast and says, "I'm fine, I'm fine, I just need to sit down." He grabs my hand and C pulls down the tailgate of the truck and N and I sit there together. Suddenly, he's very frisky. He has his hands all over me and is leaning over and kissing my neck and the rest of us are like, Ok, he needs to get to the ER immediately. His eggs were a little scrambled, we definitely weren't to the 'making out in public' part of the date, LOL.
By the time we got to the hospital he couldn't remember anyone's name. He kept asking for me and C, but he was calling us 'The tall pretty girl' and 'The skinny blond guy'. I think I stayed there with him for 4 hours until his parents arrived.(they had been out of town)

That was the end of that relationship. I called and checked up on him once, and then he went back to college two weeks later. We say hi when he's in town and we see each other, but that's it.
How awful. Guess it wasn't fate after all.