Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The queen of un-cool proudly wears her crown

I've been talking about gift giving a lot lately, but it's just on my mind, so here's some more gift talk...
I have been declared "lame". Firstly, I didn't know kids said that anymore, but whatever. I was on the phone with my stepmom, and we were talking Christmas. I overhear my sister in the background saying, "God, is she going to get me some lame book again or something?" Lame. Is that what I get for buying the kid award winning young adult literature? You know what? She's lame for sitting her fat 13 year old ass in front of MySpace all day having cybersex with God knows who while my stepmom shuffles her even fatter ass around ignoring what she's doing. If they lived closer, I'd be all over that girl trying to keep her from getting herself into trouble. I didn't do anything 'wrong' until I was 17. She's like a satanic terror, and I hate saying that about my own little sister, but it's true. My dad and step-mom also have a two year old (who is one month to the day older than MY two year old...yeah, weird, right? Right.) who is pretty much uncontrollable. The kids run the house. Sooo frustrating. Anyway, apparently I give lame gifts.

I'm hoping that UPS's kids don't feel that way...yes, I went in the book direction, but they're cool books. P is 8, almost 9, and I got him the Ripley's Believe It or Not book. An 8 year old will love that right? It's freakin' awesome! For the 5 year old I got Extreme Dinosaurs. The cover looks and feels like a leathery dinosaur eggshell, and there is a big shiny green eye peeking out of it. It has lots of cool pages and pictures with textures and secret open-up compartments, and on the page about Velociraptors, a big one pops up out of the middle. It is really, really cool. I mean, I would be thrilled to get one myself.
*sigh* UPS got my L a firetruck that makes noise and lights up, and X a giant airplane thing...also that makes noise. I guess this is why he is a dad and I am a mom.

Wow, this is a bad post...But I'm too lazy to change it because I have strep throat again. Yes, again. Why, why, why?

Hmm...Let's rethink things for a moment. You know, historically, the four weeks leading up to Christmas (or the advent) is supposed to be a time to relax. To prepare oneself for the coming of the Messiah, the King. How backwards do we have it? We're rushing around all crazy-like, and taking no time to think of what the season is really about. Is it about finding a Wii in time for the 25th, or is it about oh, I don't know, a king being born that will save all mankind? Not to preach, but seriously.
Gift giving is supposed to represent the three wise men bringing gifts to the baby Jesus...So save yourselves some money ok? Tell your kids that if three presents were enough for Jesus, three presents are enough for them.

And who cares if they call you lame.