Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Step into Christmas with me....yeah.

Who has two thumbs and is finished Christmas shopping? This girl.

With one exception. I don't have anything for UPS yet. I know, you all probably expect me to be the gift giving expert after my Thursday Thirteen last week. Wrong-O.

I like to give non-practical gifts. I don't give things like scarves and mittens (unless they're cute and whimsical), I don't give clothing(unless it's a shirt that says something painfully witty or just plain stupid). I give people things like a zippo with Hello Kitty on it, or a book about something they really love (I got my dad the Andy Griffith Show yearbook once. Big hit.) UPS is a very practical, down-to-earth kind of guy. He told me to buy him a new hat. I'm not getting him a freakin' hat.

So, here is what I'm thinking. He loves to fish. I mean, loves. to. fish. He used to travel the country and do bass fishing tournaments. So I found three really nice coffee table books about fishing. I could wrap them in brown paper, tie with raffia and add a couple of lures instead of a bow. Or I thought I could plan a weekend excursion to the lake, rent a cabin and let him fish to his heart's content while I hang out at the spa. If I do this, he'll have to wait until his birthday in January. December cash flow is not so great. Since it would be a big trip and fairly high dollar, I thought it could double as Christmas/Birthday combined.
What do you think? Men, I really need your opinions on this one, ok?

You can also offer up other suggestions as well, I'll take whatever you throw my way.

In an unrelated topic...I got the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie this morning. It's so exciting I almost peed my pants a little. I have not seen it yet, so the antici....pation is killing me. Next week I'm geared up for the 5th Harry Potter movie. Somewhere in there I'll get Superbad as well. I have a movie buying problem. Walmart has a $5 rack and a $7.50 rack. I have a dvd addiction, and this just feeds it. "Oh, sure I need Big Daddy. It's only five bucks...so affordable and not breaking the bank...oh, and while I'm at it, let's get this one...and this one..." Until my bank account is overdrawn and I'm standing in rags outside of someone's house with a shaker of salt over my head (to mimic snow, a la old cartoons, remember?) begging someone to let me in...so I can see what movies they have, then head back to the 'Mart after I get my next paycheck and pick up any good ones I missed last time.

I guess this is residue from my film student days. Maybe I should get UPS some movies...