Monday, December 10, 2007

Got Cosmo?

I read it. You read it. Errybody and they neighbor's dog reads it.

But why?

I picked up the January issue this weekend, partly because it was time for the '08 bedside astrologer, and partly because Hillary Duff was on the cover (don't judge me, or I'll judge you back.) Also, in a really big font was the headline, "Dirty Sexy Sex". Well now. That requires some looking into. What a disappointment. It ranged from the "no thank you" (doing it on an exercise ball. that screams, "someone will be injured") to the "been there done that" (giving a blow job in the shower - which was the reader tested winner, btw).

Is Cosmo really the sophisticated woman's bible as so many claim, or merely a bunch of paper glued together with the same old crap in it every month, just shuffled around a little? I'm really leaning toward the latter. But will I still buy it? Yeah, probably. So what does that say about me?

Shifting gears, changing lanes...

Things I am thankful for:

-That I am not outside right now, b/c it is fucking pouring down rain.

-That it is only rain and not ice like the poor people north of us got.

-That UPS is in my life. I could get all mushy and elaborate, but I don't think anyone wants to vomit from imbibing in too much sweetness this morning.

-Footie pajamas on two year olds. It's really too cute for words.

On that note however, I was in WalMart looking for new pjs for the boys (so they look nice in Christmas morning pics, you know?), and I found footie pajamas in ridiculously large sizes. What 12 year old boy wants to wear footie pajamas? And what kind of cruel, cruel parent buys the 12 year old boy said footie pajamas? I know I could make a Christmas Story reference, but I won't, as that is a movie and I saw this shit in REAL LIFE.

Happy Monday!