Monday, December 03, 2007

Let's Play House

Saturday was a preview of "Life with UPS and Samantha...and their four kids".
UPS's oldest son was in his town's Christmas parade, so my boys and I headed up there to freeze our asses off support him. After the parade we went back to their house and UPS made dinner. And I mean made dinner. Roast, mashed potatoes, the whole nine yards. It was kind of nice, the two of us in the kitchen and the boys destroying things in the other room...I'm fully aware that it was a best case scenario, and that normal day-to-day life with all of the kids together would be insane, but it gave me a little bit of hope. It's all do-able.

Although I don't think my boys and I would be able to move in with them should the whole 'forever' thing happen. It's too much their house, if that makes sense. P (the oldest son) is very territorial and hyper-protective of his stuff. To make it fair, I think all of us would have to have a new start...somewhere new for all of us. Otherwise the transition would be...unpleasant. At best.

Nothing eventful other than that. The wit-switch must be turned off today. I always have a million things I think of to post as I'm driving to work, then I sit down and my mind is so numbed from the monotony of work, that the creative juices cease to flow.
I guess somebody's got a case of the Mondays...