Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pissed, mad, angry, livid and etc...

I plan to rant for a moment, excuse me.
The weekend of 12/15 I am going to St.Louis to see Wicked at the Fox Theatre. I've been looking forward to this for about two months now. ExMIL surprises me the other day by telling me that my Christmas gift from her is my ticket to the show, and that she will keep the kids that entire weekend.
Yesterday she tells me she can't watch the kids b/c that is the weekend she scheduled their auction. (They are selling their business and moving to Oklahoma)
Excuse me? So now what do I do? No sitter means no show. Apparently everyone on the planet decided to be busy that weekend. UPS offered to watch them, but I wouldn't do that to him. It might drive him crazy. His kids are pretty mellow and very self-sufficient. Mine are a little more...active. They really like to climb up on things when I'm not looking, and jump off.

In other news, X's fish died this morning. I hear, "Look mommy! My fish learned to swim upside down!" I'm thinking, Shit. Fabulous. Wonderful. Sure enough, Scorpion (the fish) is floating belly-up in the water. I tell X that the fish died, crying began, etc...L is then curiously asking, "Bubby's fish died? My fish didn't, he's swimmin'. Bubby, where is your fishy?"

"In the trash can," X answers.

Good morning and welcome Tuesday. Dead fish and a kink in my Wicked plans.
I really hope I have a more upbeat post tomorrow.
Hey, what do you think of the orange sparkly snowflakes? Too much? I kind of like them, but may go back to the black and white stars...I feel I should go all Holiday on this place though. Decorations make me happy.
Have a great day everyone!