Friday, November 30, 2007

Odd or Random? Yeah, that just about sums me up.

R.E.H. tagged me.
Seven Random or Odd things about yourself...I think that's the topic.
I'm not tagging anyone b/c I like to spoil the fun (I don't continue chain letters either, so yes, I'M the one who stops the letter that has made it around the world 17 times. )

1)Even though I have a weakness for greasy fast food breakfast, I am one of those weirdies who buys organic and whole grain everything.

2)I can recite the following movies word for word: The Labyrinth, Gidget Goes Hawaiian, Grease, Dirty Dancing, and The 'Burbs. There are more, but these are some of the most ridiculous.

3)Food/drink I love around the holidays: Peppermint bark, eggnogg, and my grandmother's stuffing (Slick, please do not turn that into something dirty, she is 73 years old for crying out loud.)

4)In the 3 months that UPS and I have been together, I have gained 15 pounds. Granted, I was too thin to begin with (the last year has been hard on me), but I'm not liking the fact that my pants are getting a little snug.

5)I have been known to have panic attacks in very crowded places. This can be very embarrassing.

6)I have arthritis in every joint in my body. Seriously. I've known about it since I was 18. I have developed a high pain tolerance. I guess that's what got me through childbirth.

7)Today I get to be room mother for X's preschool class.

Ok, so there's that done and overwith. Now you know even more about yours truly.

In other news...
Yesterday was kind of fun. You remember the Girl Crush Thursday Thirteen I did a few weeks ago where I was accused of posting porn? The same lady emailed me again about yesterday's list and told me I was ungrateful. Apparently some people don't think my humor translates well to type. Clearly by the third time I mentioned the lingerie people knew the list was for fun, right? Guess not. I sure wish she'd post her remarks in comments instead of mailing me through my profile. Then you could all have a laugh with me.
There is this crazy lady in town named Miss Margaret. She is a town legend. She walks the streets screaming "Praise Jesus" and frequently breaks into song. If she manages to get you to stop and talk to her you will discover that she was a nurse, and she sang Battle Hymn of the Republic for Ronald Reagan. Stanza for stanza. And then she will begin to sing it to you. Anyway, UPS man delivers to her. She came in to my work yesterday and asked who the girl was that the UPS man was dating. I said it was me. She then goes on and on about how he speaks very highly of me, and I'm a very lucky girl, etc...Then she asks when we're getting married and can she come and la ti da. Then she made it a point to say, "Now, he's not my boyfriend. We've never gone out together, you don't mind that he stops to talk to me do you?"
LOL!!! This woman went out of her way to come check me out, make sure I was good enough for UPS, then she wants to make sure I know she doesn't have designs on my man. She's 81. I told her I was fine with him talking to her, not to worry.
How funny.

And for the record, I was not injured in any way yesterday. No cat incidents, no tripping and falling...but I did get a cold. I can hardly breathe. This just wasn't my week, was it?
Have a good weekend everyone!