Monday, November 26, 2007

Back to the bump and grind

My body clock is massively screwed up thanks to the lovely holiday that is now waving to us through the rear view mirror. I'm glad to see that bastard getting smaller and smaller as I drive away too...I had a terrible weekend.

The trip to Arkansas wasn't too bad, if you discount the fact that I woke up nauseous, and my two year old threw up on me during the drive. May I state again that I was already nauseous before we started the trip? So that didn't help matters any. We had fun with the ex-inlaws though, which was nice. (Ex Husband has had basically nothing to do with his family since we separated, so they've adopted me.)

The boys stayed with their grandparents Thursday night, so I went and stayed with UPS. We had a nice night together and spent Friday morning with his youngest son. I met one of the ex-wives. Not to be catty, but wow. He traded up. I'm just sayin'...

Friday night was probably the worst night ever. I was still not over the sick-to-my-stomach feeling from Thursday morning, and after dinner Friday night, it got worse. We went out for drinks with my friends from Memphis, which was ok...sort of. See, it started out ok, but then her husband started hitting on me...and some skank ass fat bitch started pawing all over my man (they were playing pool)and I nearly kicked her ass. Ok, so really, I just sat there and talked really loudly about how she'd better knock it off or I was going to ....well....I don't know, do something. Probably involving violence. My friend's husband was like, "don't worry, he would definitely be trading down again. If I had to choose any other woman in the room, I'd choose you." At which point my friend hits him with her purse and attempts to storm off to the ladies room.
UPS comes back to the table and I tell him that I didn't appreciate him letting that girl be all up on him, and he was like, "what are you talking about?".
Ha. What was I talking about? Really?
In his defense, he wasn't flirting back. I was just drunk and pissed off.
Then, to make it all better, my friends left w/o paying their part of the tab, b/c UPS had made some comment that made them think he was picking it up. Great. So now I'm left looking like I have assholes for friends. When he was in the bathroom, I went and paid, and then he got MAD at me for paying. "I make 4 times as much money as you, and you have two children to raise..." Well, that just made me mad, so we left.
We got home and were all snuggly on the couch when I started to get a little frisky. He shot me down. Excuse me? No one turns me down, ok?
He actually called me a sex crazed maniac. He said it while laughing, but I'm still a little upset by it.
I woke up Saturday sick as can be. And still feeling emotionally out of control.
Sunday same story.
This morning? Still throwing up. Still irrational.
Please God, do not let me be pregnant.
I really think it's just a stomach virus.

I'm so glad the week has started and things can get back to normal. I'll be really, really glad when the holidays are over and UPS gets back to his old non-stressed out self.
Come on, January 1st!