Monday, November 19, 2007

He popped the question.

We were snuggling on the couch, very lovey-dovey like, watching "I now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry", when he asked.

"How many guys have you slept with?"

I countered with, "How many times have you been married?"

He shut up.

Why do people ask this question? No one really wants to know the answer. No one needs to know how big of a slut I may have been in the past...and I don't want to know how many women have been all up on my man.

But I know what you were thinking when you read the subject line...and that topic actually came up too. He's been hinting around for awhile now. Asking me if I wanted to go to Zales when we were in the mall...talking about needing some extra cash in case he made a high dollar Christmas purchase...and then we were watching some home shopping jewelry channel and there was a 1 carat platinum set engagement ring that came up. He said, "Maybe we should buy it, and try to sell it on ebay. If no one bought it we could send it back...or maybe keep it?"
Because I didn't know what to think of this I just said, "Who buys an engagement ring on eBay?" Just call me the Artful Dodger. I can talk my way out of or around just about anything.
He and his oldest son (he's 8) came with me yesterday to my family's Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone loved him, and P (his son) played with my kids and they all had a rip-roaring time. It was a little overwhelming, but nice. I like thinking of having him around all the time, and how our house would be full of children (we have 4 boys between us)...but I'm scared of losing myself again. I just got myself back, so even if he asked, and I said yes, I'd have to wait at least a year. We haven't been together all that long, really...and he's a serial marry-er. But he has had really, really bad luck with women. I'll dish on that sometime...

Ah, well. I'm just not going to think about it.