Monday, November 12, 2007

Deadlines and long lines

I'm desperately needing to get downstairs and work up an ad....that's due in 45 minutes. But for some reason, we're crazy busy upstairs. Lots of customers. Which is a good thing, but I'm the only person here. In fact, I'm pretty much always the only person here. My boss is gone until Wednesday. Last week was the first week she was here every day since the middle of August. I'm lonely, come pay me a visit.

I think we're busy because we're practically the only place open today. Except for WalMart, but they're always open.

My brother had a great time with UPS man this weekend. They didn't get a deer (well, not when they were together. L went back with his niece and they got one) but they had fun hanging out together. My brother is now as smitten as I am, but in a guy way.
I was talking to L on Saturday night, and he sounded awful. He was sick and feeling crappy. So like the good little girlfriend I am, I go buy him a present. I got him some dayquil, nyquil, advil, kleenex, chicken noodle soup and the movie I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry, and wrapped it up all pretty in a bag with a fancy bow...Sunday morning I call, "Hi babe, how're you feeling this morning?" "Oh, the same" he says. "Well, will you be home this afternoon? I have something for you."
"No, I'm going fishing with so and so this afternoon."

What? A sick person doesn't go fishing. A sick person lays around on the couch and enjoys the present I bought him.

We ended up meeting for lunch and he was very appreciative. I have to say, I like that he goes and does things even while feeling like shit. He says he can't let the cold win. Good attitude to have. But damn it, I was trying to be sweet!

How dare he and his good attitude ruin my gift.