Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Random Things I Love

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This week I am not feeling as creative as usual. So instead I'll just give you a little insight into my psyche with "Thirteen Random Things I Love".

1) Nachos. I loooooooooove nachos. Cheese only or drowning in toppings, from the finest Mexican eatery or the Conoco station on the corner, I will devour them all with mucho gusto.

2)Diet coke. Diet Dr.Pepper is a close second, but nothing compares to my precious diet coke. It is running through my veins instead of blood. No, really. My doctor told me so. I am a medical anomaly.

3)Fake eyelashes. I just discovered this yesterday while wearing my super sparkly Halloween ones. I don't even really need mascara b/c I have freakishly long lashes anyway, but I feel crazy hot in the fancy fake ones. I may whip them out on special occasions...

4)Things with skulls and crossbones on them. Or hearts and crossbones, skulls with heart or star shaped eyes, etc...My current purse is a black tote with a skull and crossbone print, I also have black ballet flats with a similar print, and some with a star and crossbone print. Why? Who knows. I just think it's cute.

5)UPS delivery time. For obvious reasons. I get to make out with my boyfriend at work. I am getting paid to make out. Awesome.

6)Children's clothing that says cute things like, "I'm with the band", "Chick Magnet", and "Not quite house trained".

7)The way a man looks in jeans. Especially the low slung vintage wash ones. Hot.

8)The way a man looks in a well broken in ball cap. Also hot.

9)The veiny underside of a flower petal.

10)The smell of new tires and fresh asphalt. We've covered this before...

11)The New York Yankees, by God. I will never waver. But I do wish George Steinbrenner would fall off of one of those bridges in and around NYC. I mean, they've got plenty of them...

12)When my phone rings, and the caller id gives me good news.

13) YOU! All of you wonderful blogfriends of mine!!

Have a great Thursday everyone!!