Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I see my reflection in the window, it looks different, so different than what you see

(name that tune, get a prize)

One of the best parts of my job is people watching. We're located just off the town square, which is considered Historic Downtown. We're surrounded by antique stores, boutiques, coffee shops, etc...Not to mention the beauty school next door and the pawn shop one storefront up from that.
The front of our store is all windows. A huge wall of glass, basically. So I can see everything that goes on, everyone who walks by. There are several assisted living homes around this area, so the residents stroll the square all day, every day. The book store across the street gives me a myriad of entertainment options. We have the sci-fi nerds (no, you're not automatically a nerd for liking sci-fi, I'm just sayin' these people are. Big time.), the college professors, the college students, the everyman/woman...
Things I have witnessed this morning : A woman leaving her 3ish year old daughter in charge of the baby in the stroller outside on the sidewalk while she went into a store; a man wearing gray sweatpants and a gray sweatshirt with cowboy boots and a cowboy hat; Two mildly handicapped girls holding hands and skipping across the street; A gang of goth-babies, obviously skipping school; And an old lady screaming "Praise Jesus, praise the Lord! Raise your voice in worship!" She's a legend in this town. Everyone knows her by name. She often breaks into song as well.
It's like reality tv, only better...because it's actual reality.
So I just sit here and judge them, or laugh at them, or smile at them...But I wonder what they're thinking of me?

Sometimes I forget they can see me just as clearly as I see them.