Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

No channelling of Paris Hilton in my title line today, lol.

So I'm all fairy-ed up today. It's funny, people were looking at me a little strangely when I went into a couple stores this morning. Huh. I guess fairy wings and tiaras aren't the norm. I don't think that's a world I want to live in.

Driving in wings is a bitch though, seriously.

X is Spiderman this year, and he thinks he is the coolest. He did get a little upset this morning on the way to school. "All of my friends will think I'm a fake!" he says. LOL.
Ley is Jack Sparrow. And a cuter, more precious Jack Sparrow you will never, ever find. He is terrified of anyone in a mask, even his brother. That should make for a fun day, since all the daycare kids and teachers are dressed up.

I'm staying home tonight while exMIL is taking the boys trick or treating. Lee's oldest is going trick or treating with his sister, so he's coming to hang out with me and pass out candy. It'll be nice to just sit around and do nothing on a Halloween night.
Hope you all have a great time. Don't run over any trick or treaters!!!