Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - I'm Ready For My Close Up

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I present, for your consideration, dear audience, Thirteen theatrical roles I would love to play. Film and Stage are included. Some of these are kind of fluffy, but fun.

1)Rizzo in Grease. I talk about this one a lot, so some of you are like, "oooook SK, get on with it already. We know, we know.

2)Mimi in Rent. Because I'm kind of in love with Roger and Mimi gets to sing "Take Me Out". Plus, I think working at a place called the Catscratch Club would be awesome.

3)Maureen in Rent. I mean, who wouldn't want to perform that one woman show of hers? And to be the subject of the Maureen Tango? Come on!

4)The Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz. She is one of my all-time favorite characters in fiction and film.

5)Elphie in Wicked. For the same reasons as above. I'd like to play all facets of her character. Hmm...or maybe I just love roles played by Idina Menzel??

6)Snow White. I'm obsessed with Snow White. I have no idea why. I will never give up the dream of moving to Orlando and being Snow White at Disney World...That will also be my rap name, should I ever enter the hip hop scene.

7)Woody in Wild Hogs. Yes, I have seen this movie. Yes, it makes me laugh something stupid. John Travolta totally over acts this part, but it is so. freaking. funny.

8)Penny in Dirty Dancing. Just so I can say, "Go back to your playpen, Baby." I also want to get knocked up by Robbie the Creep.

9)Alex in a Clockwork Orange. This is one of my very favorite movies (and novels) of all time. Go Kubrick, go! Alex is such a dynamic persona. Wow.

10)Rhea Perlman's character in Matilda. The mom? She's so funny.

11)Any of the female characters in Clue.

12)Princess Leia. Rock on.

13)Princess Buttercup from Princess Bride. So I can make out with Cary Elwes of course, and being that stalker chick played by Alicia Silverstone in that one movie is just not an option.

There are more, and definitely meatier, roles I'd love to play, but here's a tasty sample.
Happy Thursday!!