Tuesday, November 06, 2007

cough, hack, achoo, and etc...

YOu know when you're sick and you feel like death would be a welcome blessing? When you feel like no one ever on earth has ever felt as badly as you do? That's where I am today. I"m also at work breathing in paint fumes from this weekend's painting party.
Just once I'd really like someone to take care of me when I'm sick. I haven't gotten that since I was about 10. After that my mom stopped staying home with me if I just had a cold or something. Basically, my needs have been totally neglected for years. When my ex husband got sick, oh my lord. He was such a whiny bitch. Did he ever help when I was sick? Let's give you an example. I was sick with food poisoning, X was 2 and L was not yet one. I did not sleep all night b/c I was in the bathroom puking or otherwise literally, ALL NIGHT LONG. What did he do when the babies woke up? Did he go to them and get them back to sleep? NO. He says to me, "Can't you do it? I"m tired, you keep waking me up." Well I am so fucking sorry that I'm dying here, honey.
I probably should have bolted then, lol.

Fast forward to now when Lee comes to check on me at work yesterday three times, brings me soup and juice and offers to come watch my kids for me so I can sleep.

I'm keeping him.