Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Strep what I got. I said remember that...strep throat is..sorry.

Sometimes I turn into a much less clever, much more attractive, mini version of Weird Al. I get a little carried away, and for that I apologize ;)
But yes, X and I are infected and on antibiotics. Awesome. L hasn't gotten it yet, praise the Lord. Let's hope it stays that way. Two year olds with sore throats are even less fun than 4 year olds with sore throats.
Between the amoxicillan and ibuprofen, I feel like I"m constantly popping pills. Yesterday at work I shook a few advil into my hand to take and a customer looked over at me kind of funny...I looked back at her, shrugged and said, "AZT break." Her eyes got big and she didn't stay very long. Chill out lady. I was just quoting Rent for a laugh, ok?

I've been having strange dreams lately. Weird, graphic sex dreams featuring Chris Daughtry Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket and Channing Tatum Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket .

Chris you probably recognize from American Idol, and Channing has been in movies like She's the Man, Step Up, and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (which he got stellar reviews for, btw).Both of these men are attractive, and I would consider myself a casual fan of each, (I mean, come on. They're not exactly Mick Jagger or Johnny Depp, now are they?)but why are they creeping into my dreams at night? I don't own any Daughtry music and I don't sit around having Channing Tatum movie marathons, but two or three nights a week the three of us are having one bang-up time (pun slightly intended, lol) in my subconscious.


I'd blame it on the medication, but it's been going on for two weeks or so now.

I used to be really interested in dream interpretation, tried to make sense of things and what not...I guess I wasn't very good at it b/c I think it's a lot of crap, basically. My dreams are rarely snippets of my day pieced together like a crazy quilt, and the signs and symbols that were supposed to mean whosits or whatsis were never relevant.
At least I'm dreaming about doing hot guys and not like, dancing the Tango with Hitler or something, right??