Tuesday, October 09, 2007

God bless Joe Torre

It's hard being a Yankees fan. It's hard when you love a team so much that you cry because the dickhead owner is getting rid of one of the best managers in all of sports. And definitely the one with the most class. And now so many of my favorites that have been in the organization for so long are on the line...and who could blame them for wanting to leave? At least I know Derek Jeter isn't going anywhere. He's a miracle. That man will die in pinstripes.

Come to St.Louis, Joe Torre. I would never miss a game with you in the dugout. I'd buy season tickets for the rest of my life if I knew you'd be guiding the Cardinals. And you can bet they'd schedule some inter-league play if you were in STL and LaRussa went to New York.

Sorry there's no humor today. No wit, no goings on of the love life...
I'm in mourning, I am sad, I am a sports nerd.