Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, Ya'll

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Today's Topic: 13 Themed Parties I'd love to attend.

1)White Trash-O-Rama. Oh, wait...that's just Saturday night.

2)A masquerade ball. Just like in the movie "The Labyrinth" when Sarah is dressed in the big fluffy white dress and The Goblin King(David Bowie! Be still my beating heart!) is singing, and everyone is wearing the masks...

3)Rocky Horror Picture Show. I have always, ALWAYS wanted to go to one of the midnight movie showings in Kansas City and dress up...Would I be Janet or Magenta??? I'll go twice.

4)The Jimmy Buffet Buffet. Just think of it. There'd be parrots everywhere, guys could draw on a pencil thin mustache, we'd be drinking margaritas and eating cheeseburgers in paradise...Then we'd all get drunk and screw.

5)An office party. No, this isn't really a theme, but I have never been to an office party. Probably b/c I've never worked in an office...Maybe, it could be just like the Christmas party on The Office. Ok, that's the theme.

6)Musical Theatre. No speaking all night. You can only converse in song. Yes.

7)The 'bring your pillow and take a nap party'. Because, let's face it, we all get tired sometimes.

8)The 'I literally just rolled out of bed' party. Really, this one is the after-party for #7. It'll be a rockin' time, I swear. Irish coffee, breath mints, perfection.

9)The black, white, and red all over ball. I keep trying to pitch this one to the library for a fundraiser. Everyone would be required to dress in black, white, or red. I would love to organize that...

10)A clam-bake on the beach. Totally Elvis, totally Frankie and Annette.

11)One of P Diddy's bday parties. The cristal is poppin', the hennesey is flowin'...

12)Shaun of the Dead. Where you can only talk in movie quotes, but you can never say the zed word...

13)The 'Samantha is the coolest person in the whole wide world' party...but really, I attend that everyday. Teehee.