Friday, October 05, 2007

Aww...he luuuuvvvvvvvvvvs me

He said it. The big "L" word.
We were on the phone last night, and I said something particularly hilarious. Through his gales of laughter he said, "And that is exactly why I love you."
Dead air. Then in a softer voice, "Hey, and I really mean that."

I didn't throw up or anything. I didn't even say, "Umm...thanks?" in an awkward way and then quickly hang up. Actually I said, "Yeah, well, you're all right too....I guess."
More laughter followed.
It was really just too, too romantic for words.

We're trying to decide what to do tomorrow night. Go out? Stay home?
I suggested going to The Monster Corn Maze. It's this corn maze thing (no, really?)where the people dress up in scary costumes and leap out at you. Probably incredibly ridiculous...but the fact that it's a maze made in a corn field is enough to scare me. Have you seen Children of the Corn? It's terrifying. Anyway, if you want a laugh, check out the rules.
No throwing of the corn. You got that?

Actually, I'm in a very lazy sort of mood. Maybe we'll just lay in bed,watch stupid movies and eat junk all night. That sounds more appealing by the second.

Who knows, now that we're in love and all, maybe we'll do something special. He's always coming up with ideas. I wonder how long that will last?