Friday, September 28, 2007

How random can I get? Let's see then, shall we?

Things I've always wanted to say/wish I could get away with saying in everyday conversation.

I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die. Sure, this isn't original or anything, and nobody even laughs at it any more...but boy, wouldn't it be great if just once you could say it and someone would go all big-eyed and ask, "Really?"

Don't hate the playa, hate the game. Doesn't this just sound like it would be fun to say? Alas, since I'm not a playa, guess I don't have any game to hate on.

Chris Hansen is such a cock block. In case you don't know, Chris Hansen is the host guy of that "To Catch a Predator" show...Now you see why this comment is horribly, horribly offensive? I'd really like to say it just to piss someone off.

Seacrest...out! Yeah, ok, call me lame, but I really think this is a cool little catch phrase.

What up, dawg? I have actually used this one. However, coming from me it did not sound sounded freaking retarded and several people issued loud snorts to cover their laughs. Motherf***ers! I'll pop a cap in they ass....

Arg! Am suffering horribly from PMS...which Pretty Much Sucks if you ask me. (Like the acronym? Figured it out all by my clever little self.)
Feeling ridiculous and crazy and cranky and I swear I have eaten everything that wasn't flipping nailed down today. Just call me an American Fat Ass (Thank you , Kid Rock).
We've decided on a theme for the new business building. It's pretty lofty...we're going to transform this place into Alice in Wonderland. We're doing big forest murals on the walls (think huge mushrooms, flowers, etc...) and I came up with the idea to cloud the ceiling with green gauzy material and string white Christmas lights in it to look all twinkly and intimate....So excited. I do tend to run a little wild with these kinds of ideas, so I hope someone reigns me in, otherwise I'll spend our entire operating budget on decor...And she actually wants me to buy half the business....

OK, since it's the weekend and I'll be away til Monday (with details of meeting L's fam, of course.)I'll leave you with another list. This one is....
Things I've never done, but really want to:
Johnny Depp

Go through a haunted house or corn maze thing at Halloween.

Johnny Depp

Sing in a band.

Star in a Tim Burton film....with Johnny Depp.

Play Rizzo in a production of Grease.

and finally.....

Johnny Depp.

There you go, folks! Have a great weekend!!