Monday, October 01, 2007

This is my 200th post...My palms are sweating, tension headache building...Oh, the pressure!!

Ok, this isn't going to be anything special, sorry.

So this weekend was the **80's Party**. I have to say, I did look pretty fabulous. I destroyed a perfectly harmless gray sweatshirt into an off the shoulder dream-come-true, ratted my hair into a magnificent side ponytail, and had some of the best eye makeup ever witnessed on planet earth. I won all three games because I kick ass, basically. (we did "name that theme song", "how well do you know the birthday girl", and "I'ma stick a card on your back w/an 80s pop icon's name on it and you have to guess who you are") I even came in top 5 in the costume contest. The winner was the b-day girl's sister, and boy did she ever deserve it. Tight rolled acid wash jeans, scrunch socks with white high heels, a denim jacket with cutouts and bows on the back, blue eyeshadow, frosty pink lipstick and CRIMPED HAIR. How the heck did she find a crimping iron?? She looked amazing.

I was having a pretty good night and then I came home, put the kids to bed and watched the movie, "The Last Kiss." What a mood killer, oh my Lord. I mean, here I am happy as a freaking clam in my relationship with L, and I go and watch this movie. It was so depressing. And why do I always relate to the MEN in the bad relationships?? In movie terms it was actually very good, kept you far as watching it while hormonal and PMS-ing like a freight train, umm...maybe you don't wanna pick this one up, ok?

Sunday was *cue scary music*....L's family barbecue. I got to his house and I met his kids (cute, cute, cute, OMG. I have to be careful that I'm falling in love with HIM, and not them, b/c they are great.) and we all 4 piled into his truck to go to the picnic...where I met his dad, stepmom, brother, sister-in-law, sister, brother-in-law and about 58 nieces and nephews. Yeah, not overwhelming AT ALL. They're all kind of quiet, so here I was trying to be Chatty Cathy and seem friendly...luckily his SIL was pregnant, so that gave us something to talk about. I really loved watching L interact with them. His brother is just like him, so funny and quick to laugh. He's an amazing dad, and I could tell by the way his boys looked at him that he wasn't just putting on an act for me. He'll play with them and do anything they ask, and he's not afraid to look like an idiot. That's good. That's how I roll (ha! always wanted to say that. It makes me think of Jack Black in Anchorman).

L is on vacation from work this week which means I won't get my 3 daily visits, my candy, flowers or cookies everyday (damn!), but I could get an entire lunch out of it instead, so yeehaw. We have also tossed around the idea of going to Memphis this weekend. Wow, a weekend getaway. What will I do with an entire weekend with no children clamoring for my attention?? Have sex. Lots and lots of it.