Thursday, September 13, 2007

Flashback to the 80's

I'm super excited. My friend is having a "girls only" birthday party in two weeks. The theme? The 80's. Yes. We have to come dressed up. I'm thinking I'll do the Madonna thing...or maybe the Flashdance off the shoulder sweatshirt and leg warmers thing. L says I can drive the Trans Am, lol. It's too new to be authentic, but what's an 80's party without a TA? I'll just aqua net the hair to insane heights (gotta trade in the flat iron for a curling iron for the night) and take the tops out of the car and be, like, totally awesome. Mega-watt eyeshadow, lots of neon, and plastic accessories. How could this not be a great time?

Life is just so good right now. I hope I can get out and share a little of my joy. I feel the need to pay it forward. You shouldn't keep a blessing, you should share it with everyone. Hopefully my sunny disposition will rub off on others.
Have a great day everyone!!