Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hey, hey...the Yankees won AGAIN...but anyway...

This just might be the best thing I've ever read. Why hasn't anyone thought of it before???

I'm in a sharing sort of mood today...a revealing mood, if you will. Also, I haven't embarrassed myself enough this week, so let's have a little fun at Samantha's expense, shall we??

--This morning I got up before the boys and was taking a shower. There I am, washing my hair, eyes closed under the water...when suddenly the shower curtain is whipped open and I hear, "BOO!!!" Of course I screamed, became tangled up in my own hair, slipped in some shampoo...On the way down I even had the time to think, "Shit. This is going to hurt." The boys were laughing so hard they were crying and having trouble breathing. Come to think of it, I was crying and having trouble breathing too...but maybe it was for a different reason.

--I am secretly Samuel L. Jackson. No, really. This skinny little white girl business is just really good special effect makeup. I realized this yesterday when I was calling the computer a cock-sucking motherfucker...only in my head though, of course. The bad language is rampant in my head...out loud I whisper the word 'piss' just in case there's a kid around. But seriously, I started thinking about it and the only place I'd be decent is in a sailor's bathroom...and even then it might be questionable.

--I have underwear issues. Not weird creepy ones, it's just I only wear black undergarments. Well, I do have two pairs of white panties, just in case a white skirt or similar wardrobe situation crops up. Likewise I have only two white bras...But those suckers do amazing things for my boobs. Every girl needs a good boob bra. Lord knows I need it after two children. So, now you all know. I have 15 black lace camisoles, about a zillion pairs of black panties and black bra-a-palooza going on in my underwear drawer. Sure, it sounds boring, but men seem to find it hot...which just goes to show where my priorities lie, lol. I'm fairly positive I'd have made a really great Catholic school girl.

--"I'm a firm believer in the philosophy of a ruling class...Especially since I rule."

I'll leave you with that today, ladies and gentlemen. Hope all is well!!!