Monday, October 15, 2007

I don't like the drugs, but the drugs like me

Two weeks from now is Red Ribbon Week. It's an anti-drug/drinking thing. Last week the high school assistant principal called to see if we could get any posters or anything for it. So I looked around online and found some freebies. Then I found some with the Happy Bunny on them, and she took those. Today the freebies came in the mail, and in the package was this little list of prescription drugs with the potential for abuse. Wow, this thing would be a goldmine for someone trying to figure out which drugs are "best". It makes poppin' pills sound like a regular blast. Who wouldn't want to experience "unusual excitement","feelings of exhilaration", or "increased mental alertness"?? Gimme some of those!
Although there are a few downsides like,"urinary retention", "gastrointestinal disturbances", and "coma".
Ah, who cares? I might not be able to pee for a week, but I'd be exhilarated and mentally alert!

Things like this make me realize how backwards some forms of education are. This poster is just telling kids, "Hey, here's how to have a good time."
I used to have severe eating disorders. I'd go for days and days at a time without eating anything more than a grape, and then if I ate the grape, I'd throw it back up. I lived on diet coke, coffee, and powerade. All the treatments or counselling did was give me new ideas on how to do it better.
I do eating-disorder counselling now, and I am so careful never, ever to share the "tricks" I used and how I pulled the whole thing off. What I do share is how awful I felt, how crappy I looked, and how annoying it is to (now) be healthy and still have people following you around trying to shove food down your throat. Everyday about 5 people ask me what I've eaten, am I eating, etc...

So later today, when I'm inhaling my favorite nail polish, I'll be sure not to write down how I get all dizzy and giddy from it, but I'll tell everyone how it gives me a migraine and makes me puke for three days.

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