Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It's my party and I'll make a fool of myself if I want to...

My big night out was Saturday.
We started out by going to see Halloween (which I'll review below). Afterward, we went to one of the many Mexican places in town. We were planning on just hanging around the bar and watching people do karaoke, but we were hungry so we went to the restaurant part instead...and hung around that bar. We walked in and my friend J was there with one of our old high school friends who was visiting for the first time in forever. This automatically puts me in a good mood. Ok people, bring on the margaritas. Three "perfect margaritas" later, they are telling us it's time to close. At 10pm? You must be kidding me. I get this fabulous idea to go to a little hole-in-the-wall bar in town. I've never been. In fact, to be honest, it looks a little shady...a little dodgy if you will. But hey, I'm drunk so who the hell cares? Let's live it up a little. We walk into the place and it is empty. But it has the air of a place where you go to NOT be seen, which made it kind of exciting. The bartender lady was missing a tooth. I really wish I was embellishing for effect here, but I'm so telling the truth. After about 20 minutes some old, very scary people walk in and order about 5 pitchers of beer. Well, Samantha is even more intoxicated by this point, and felt the need to mingle, to be out among the people. So I go and sit down and bond with them. They get my whole life story in about 5 minutes, and the next thing I know me and one of the ladies are playing Bob Seger and Patsy Cline on the jukebox. At some point Nickelback's Rock Star comes on and then entire bar is singing along at the top of our lungs.
Bad move of the night: While talking and gesturing wildly with my hands I knocked over a beer and broke the glass. But it spilled on my friend who was a very good sport about it.
So all in all it was a fun time.

The Halloween review, for those who care.
Personally, I LOVED it. You have to know that the original Halloween is my favorite horror movie of all time. Michael Myers scares the holy hell out of me. Rob Zombie (who directed this new one) is also a huge fan of the original. I knew that this movie would not be your typical remake. I knew it would be a stand alone version, not a copycat. I have to say, the first half is terribly acted and they say "fuck" way too much, but, it is soooooooo funny. The badness is hilarious. The kid who plays M.M. at the beginning is truly terrifying. I mean, if you thought the kid who played Damien in the original Omen was scary, he has nothing on this kid. (Plus, we all know Mary Poppins could have toned down Damien with two quick spoonfuls of sugar, ok? She wouldn't have been jumping off a roof to her death, she had her trusty and ever present umbrella). When Laurie enters the picture, the acting becomes much better, the chases and killing are intense b/c they happen so quickly. Very shocking visuals. There is a lot of back story, so you see the kid killing people and it was just very....very...visceral, I guess. You have that jolting gut reaction, you know? If you're looking for a formulaic remake, you'll hate it and say Zombie ruined the original...if you're looking for a stand alone, you'll appreciate it a little more.

So there's that. Hope you all are well and had a great holiday. Back to work we go...