Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So I'm getting a party out of it....

The divorce I mean. My friends are throwing me a party. It sounds very tacky and very white trash, but who cares? I'm getting a cake. Cake has frosting, and frosting is good. Very, very good.

As for the romance front...not very good actually. I have not spoken to C in a week (bastard!)and R is in a bad mood b/c his band came in 2nd this weekend (cheer up, it's better than last, babe!). I am feeling very immature about C, would very much like to drive by his house and throw things at the shiny convertible. As for R, I'm feeling bad b/c I can't make things better, as I am halfway across the country from him.
So what do I do? Develop new desire to win the heart of my UPS man (his name is Lee, I have mentioned his hotness before, lol.). My boss is all for this, as she loves him also. However, she is married and pregnant (baby is being born 9/5!!) and will have to live vicariously through me. I told her I will do my best, lol. How do you even hit on a UPS guy w/o sounding like a creep? I think a woman hitting on the delivery driver is almost the equivalent of construction workers yelling at a woman walking by on the street. **M, didn't you say you had a friend who'd dated an UPS guy? Does she have any tips for me??**
Right now we (meaning the boss and I) are just ordering a lot of stuff that needs delivered UPS, LOL. We are quite the dynamic duo.